Wesley in Portland


P.S. on back of 1. Friday

Dear Vic + Dot –
So sorry you had to phone. I had hoped every day to get a letter because you didn’t answer my letter asking if you were coming and you did say you were change-ing work so we didn’t know if you would be able to or had changed your mind. We really did have to know they sand an escort and we have to know in advance as far as possable –


Donald wrote he wasn’t coming –

Nick was operated on today did something to a rib so it will heal quicker I sure hope it does this time she sure has had her trouble. I think she’ll be back in the nursing home in a few days (about a week) so send her a card if hyou have one handy to Deaconess Hospitl Boston 15 Mass –

I think I told you as far as I know now. Dot + Carroll plan to go from Farmington by car.
If its a week day Ginnie plans to come to Portland and take the 8:30 A.M. train with Grammie – If a Sunday (I got a card today saying) Heman will take her and others that want to go (of course that depends on the weather for they can have some awfull storms in thosemountains in fact one never knows when they start out and it may not be Sunday anyway –
I will probably go up early I don’t know yet but that the plans now –


By the way Vic. I didn’t say anything about your getting through at the Bank to anyonew. I just said you were looking for a job with more money –
Every one has their trouble so why worry them with yours.
Last simmer I asked you not to tell Dad Woodbury you were out of work he was too old a man to worry but you didn’t take my advise so you brobably wont this time after all you are 21 and if you aint smart enough to tell things to hurt yourself its not my fault or business but I do wish you would think it might also hurt someone else –
I also didn’t tell your sisters that Woody overstaid his leave –
You do as you please – now you know I rather you didn’t.


I know you wont like this letter but you wouldn’t any way and I dont feel good today so I shouldn’t be writing any way dont phone to answer it –
I have you phone no. 98182 and Westernhouse 73811
Any way I’m awful glad to hear you are coming and shall do all I can to have Dot have services after you get here. I hope Dot doesn’t get too tired working – who takes care of babies etc?
Grammie + I both send love to all – I’ll feel better soon I hope I’m sorry please excuse Love Mother

10:30 P.M

P.S. Leon was just in on way home from Boston he says Nick is doing fine he’s going back Sunday and home Monday again – Mother may go up Tuesday if we havent heard anything from Vermont
I hope you get this Monday really I didn’t mean half I said please forgive kids I’m an old meanie and I know it – Someday I may improve they say something’s do with age maybe no mothers.
Its late so goodnight –
Love from us both


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