Wesley in Portland

9:10 P.M.
5 Nov. 52
No. Korea.

Hi Pal;
Letters are pretty hard to write up here. When I write the folks I have to smooth things over so they wont worry. That leaves me practly nothing to write about.
I don’t feel that is necsrary with you however. I’ll just tell you facts and you can keep them to yourself.
The second day I got in Korea I got a good look at the things that are realy happening here.
The train that brought me to the front stoped right beside a Hospital train. I watched them putting wounded men on the train. The ambulances were bringing the men down faster than they could


get them onto the train. It was a sight that made me so sick I had to turn away and vomit.
Right now I’m in a fairly safe place. Our own artilery is behind us firing over our heads into enemy lines and the enemy are on the other side of the hill throwing artilry and mortar back at them. You can see how cozy that makes us. The other night we had quite a shower here. (artilery that is I was told that 160 rounds hit us between 7 PM and Midnight. You can bet your sweet ass I didn’t bother to count them. I just hugged Terra Ferma and hoped like hell, It continued until morning but not quite as bad. Not a sole was hurt by


all reports though. A sargent here that had 35 points steped on an enemy mine and went home quartermaster style. It was realy to bad, he had just a week until he would have rotated. Another guy came into our outfit the outfit and lasted only 5 hrs. Mortar got him square in the face. His helmet looked like a sive.
A lutenent got schratnel right in the groin. From what I was told it tore his privats right out. That is realy a pity I think I’d rather have my head shot off than my nuts.
We are a lot better off than those No. Koreans though. Our planes and artilery are strafing


and bombing hell out of them 24 hrs. a day. So far the only planes I’ve seen are our own. Theyed sure play hell if they ever struck back.
There is a guard fifty machine gun mounted on the hill right over my head. Right now he is pounding his guts out.
I’ve heard so dam much of this blasting that it doesn’t even bother me now. I can sleep right through the worst of it now.
I guess our outfit will be on line until about May. If I can keep my ass in one peace that long I’ll realy be lucky. This place can realy raise heck with a guys nerves.
Once in a while we go out into no mans land and take up mines. The last time we


went out one of our owne companys dam near opened fire on us. They mistook us for Reds and we nearly got the shaft.
Things could be a lot better here, but I suppose they could be worse too. Just be thankful your not here.
Well I guess thats about it as far as activity is concerned. As you can see life here is very dull.
This’ll kill you. A lot of guys here are sleeping in tents and us that do have bunkers aren’t much better off. the bunkers are to weak to stand very much pounding if we got zeroed in. Soooo What are we


doing about it?? Why of course! Were building a Latrine for the officers. We are using the best logs we can get and reinforcing it with plenty of sand bags and stones. And to top that off it has a stove and electric lights. Thats what I call looking after your men. What do you think of it?
I’ve got to close this letter and write my Dotty. Love to Dot, Davy and Ann.

Your Brat Brother

P.S. Take care of that
job. Work is plentyful here.


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