WRW Letter 11

Wesley in Portland


note new address
740 W. Spring
Lima, Ohio

Dear Don:
Expect you have heard from Mom by now.
Thought I had better write and inform you and your Missus, that we are in Lima, Ohio. (Look up on map.) About 60 miles from Fort Wayne, Ind. This is Dot’s home town and we moved here last August. I’m with Westinghouse here, Production Expediter.
Your Xmas card just forwarded to us — we had written a couple of times since Aug. but got the letters back.
The nature of this letter is to suggest a get to gather. (over)


We sold our car when we left Florida.  So don’t have transportation at least not until summer.
When the date of Woody’s funeral has been decided I will take a leave of absence for about a week — and take a day too Vermont a day there, one day in Maine and a day to return.  Don’t expect to get fired for it and feel it would be worth anything as I wonder who will be the next one and don’t want to miss the opportunity to see all the folks I can – –
Was my idea that maybe you would go to Vermont with me — Concord just outside St. Johnsbury                    next page


Plan to go by bus as it is cheapest and could make it in one day — 24 hours
Drove from Portland to Lima last summer, left Portland at 12:45 p.m. on a Friday and arrived Lima at 12 Sat. noon
Would not have been 24 hours but had 4 adults + 2 kids aboard and they had to pee pee or something most of the time also did some sight seeing —
I don’t intend to take my family as the expense and time factor would be prohibitive
Feel that Mom needs all moral support possible and know your presence would reaffirm her belief in God


Please write anyway and I hope we can work out some arrangement by which we can get to Vermont when necessary together —
Have just moved last Sunday
Address is
740 W. Spring
Lima, Ohio,
tel. 98-182

Dottie will write Jayne when we get settled —
Write soon — Love
Vic, Dot, David + Ann

P.S. misplaced your address in moving hope this reaches you


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