From a private collection, here is a representation of stock certificates from the 1840s to the 1970s. The collection centers around railroads but encompasses other industries as well. All are originals. Some are un-issued, some were issued and subsequently redeemed (cancelled). Most are nearly as interesting on the reverse side as on the obverse although only the obverse is shown here.

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Weir Frog Company

never issued — Frogs are components of railroad track that facilitate safe passage where tracks cross and connect.

Tunnel Railroad of St. Louis

signed but never issued — Note West Highland white terrier at the bottom.

St Lawrence & Adirondack Railway

never issued

Portland & Rumford Falls Railway

issued to William A. Russell in 1902

Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad

issued to Cross & Company in 1953

Northern Railroad of New Jersey

issued to Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brown in 1925

Missouri Pacific Railroad

issued to E. F. Hutton & Company in 1950

Mississippi & Missouri Railroad

never issued

Little Miami Railroad

issued to George A. Euskirchen in 1941

Little Miami Railroad

issued to Mary B. Little in 1939

Louisville Railway

never issued

Kentucy Central Railway

never issued

Houston, Tap & Brazoria Railway

never issued

Bell Railroad & Stock Yard

issued in 1934 to Lettie M. Hoag and Carrie Mekeel Hoag “As joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common”

Allegheny Valley Railroad

issued to J. H. Snowdon in 1862

Goshen & Deckertown Railway

never issued

Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad

issued to Edward L. Giddings in 1881

Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad

never issued

Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati & Indianapolis

issued to Walston H. Brown and Brothers in 1885

Bangor & Aroostook Railroad

issued to Philip L. Bagley in 1954

Bangor & AroostookRailroad

never issued

Bangor & Aroostook Railroad

issued to Dean Witter & Company in 1960

Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad

issued to James Gammans in 1878

Boston & Maine Railroad

issued to Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenher & Beane in 1955

Maine Central Railroad

issued to George E. Macomber in 1915

Maine Central Railroad

issued to Edward B. Winslow in 1915 — Note that this is Preferred Stock while the preceding certificate is not, also same signatures on both documents.

Maine Central Railroad

issued to Kidder, Peabody & Company in 1920

Northern Railroad

issued to Shubal G. Rogers, Jr., in 1848

Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad

never issued

Somerset & Kennebec Railroad

never issued

Kennebec & Portland Railroad

never issued

Lionel Corporation

issued to Bache & Company in 1958

Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.

issued to Hay, Fales & Company in 1945

Baldwin – Lima – Hamilton Corporation

issued to Wel & Company in 1960

Philadelphia Company

issued to Harry W. Weihenmayer in 1925

Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation

issued to Doris Alexander Veneman in 1970 — Note that Gerald E. Veneman was president of Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation from 1970 – 1985. Doris was his wife. The illustration depicts the paper mill in East Millinocket, Maine.

Chillicothe Water Company

issued to W. C. Bean April 19,1895

Chillicothe Water Company

reissue of preceding certificate, issued to W. C. Bean, April 19, 1895 — Note that the two certificates were held together by a straight pin.

Rochester Water Company

issued to Wm C. Bean in 1897

Argentine Water & Light Company

issued to William C. Bean in 1896

The images on this page are from items in a private collection. They are displayed here for their historical and artistic value and are not for sale. Feel free to ask for more information on any of them or to request more images such as reverse sides, close-ups of engravings, &cetera.

=David A. Woodbury=