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I don’t deny that the planet is warming and that it is alarming. I recognize, though, that it has been warming for the past 20,000 years. Maybe the industrial revolution and modern abuse of the environment are the result of global warming, not the other way around. Until you can show me the evidence, I refuse to flatter myself with the conceit that I can influence the cosmic forces which have led to climate change. (go to the article)

I found it necessary to criticize the Maine law of 1976, establishing a 5¢ deposit on beverage containers. How is it that almost 50 years later, I am still paying the same 5¢ deposit on a half gallon of prune juice, to discourage me from tossing it in a ditch as I drive around, but I don’t pay that deposit on a pint of chocolate milk? (go to the article)

I wrote this article in 2005. George W. Bush’s second term as President had just begun and Barry Soetoro’s (Barack H. Obama’s) two terms had not yet been dreamed of, except by himself. In 2005 I stated: “A long war has only just begun… I am persuaded that we are in it for a very long, long time.” Now, in 2021, we can see that it has not only grown in duration but in scope and in its toll on humanity as well as the natural world. What would Jesus do about global terrorism, anyway? I think the answer is readily found in the Gospels. (go to the article)

The world deserves restored access to the words of its most brilliant exponent of individual rights and responsibilities, its fiercest social critic, and the State’s most incisive antagonist. (go to the article)

Terri Schiavo, age 41, died March 31, 2005, seven years after a judge in the Florida ordered her put to death in a most horrible manner. She was charged with no crime, had no defense attorney, was given no trial, and had no recourse in the courts. And the rest of the country paid little or no attention. By now her experience should have launched a national debate about how to dispose of nuisance citizens in a manner that is consistent, discreet, legal, sanitary, and (most importantly) humane. (go to the article)

I own a large quantity of historical documents, from books to personal letters, which deserve to be shared, for instance, this “card.” In 1864 a Civil War veteran in Farmington, Maine, distributed a peculiar little note to (one assumes) his friends and business associates, accusing the local newspaper of publishing an article full of false and libelous statements about himself. Here are images of the original document and some research into who this veteran was and what may have caused his anger. (go to the article)