Kate Gardner’s Diary by Kate J. Gardner — In 1884, the year she turned 20, Kate Gardner, (great-grandmother of David Woodbury), committed herself to keep a diary.  She did so faithfully, and it happens to be the year she met her husband-to-be, Dan Miller.  It is still in the family and is shared here publicly because it has much to recommend it historically as well as for her descendants.

Introduction — Providing some background for the names and places mentioned in the diary.

The Diary — The book itself in a PDF file, Kate in 1884 in her own words.

Note: David A. Woodbury and Kate J. Gardner are not related to Greg J. Gardner, author of Black Friday: An American Jihad described elsewhere at this site.

Photo: Kate J. Gardner, grand lady on the right, with her son Richard Ivan Miller holding his daughter Dorothy Mae Miller, assuming this to be at Easter, 1927, when Dorothy was under two years old, or July that year on her second birthday

Kate J. Gardner