A brisk novel of youth, family, neighbors, and best friends conceived and created by David A. Woodbury, first published as an ebook in 1999, The Clover Street News is now available in quality paperback, 112 pages, $6 at AmazonKindle edition $1 (free with Kindle Unlimited)

Was it her mom’s idea to start a neighborhood newspaper? Suzanne, a 13-year-old girl, earns a night in jail, the unexpected consequence of good intentions.  She couldn’t have done it though, without help from a little brother, a computer, and a grouchy neighbor.  And she wouldn’t have a lot to look forward to afterward without the support of an elderly neighbor with famous connections.

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The book’s cover depicts what Clover Street might have looked like from one end of the street. The modern-day cowboy, the baby buggy, and the — uh — large-scale rodent each, by turns, make appearances in the story.

Only $1 for the Kindle edition or $6 for the paperback at Amazon and you can soon see what it was all about.