Wesley in Portland

[This letter was mailed two days before Woody was killed. But it was returned to sender because of the address. So Dorothy wrote a note on the back of the first envelope and then re-sent it in another envelope, which was also returned to sender. Donald Woodbury had placed himself out of reach of his family, which requires that his story be told in its own right some day.]

17 November 1952

Dear Don,

Suppose you had given up hearing from us again. We have been thinking of you, but are just really getting settled into living again, and finding time now + then for correspondence.
Our Ann was born on April 18th (10 lbs + 12 oz.) She wasn’t yet 3 weeks old when we sold our possessions in Fla. + moved to Maine first week of May. It wasn’t a wise selection of location in the North, though, as far as employment is concerned. We spent 3 mos. up there looking for a satisfactory job with no success.
Mo brother + sister-in-law had vacation last week in July + 1st week in Aug. so they came to Portland for us + again we packed our clothes + few


remaining possessions and moved to Lima, Ohio – my former home. Plenty of work here and Vic found a job right away – nights, though, at Lennox Furnace Machine Shop. Spent days looking for a day job while waiting for references etc. to come through for job in a bank. Only 2 weeks at Lennox then got a job at Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton (former Lima Locomotive Works) which is making cranes, shovels, etc. now. And after a month there his bank job came through, so he is now a teller a The Metropolitan Bank of Lima, O.
We lived not a month with my sister + finally found an unfurnished apt. Between relatives and friends we managed to furnish 3 rooms with only refrigerator to buy.
It all constituted somewhat of a loss to us and expense to your mother + Grammie + also to a couple of my relatives, but we are happy to be out of the South. Mom + Grammie know we gave Maine a fair try + although they may have wanted us in Maine, they felt we should go where the work was. And my folks are pleased to have us closer to them.
Never said much to the folks about you except that we had heard from you a couple of times. They do like to hear from you, guess you had written them around the same time we last heard from you. They (Mom + Grammie) are


buying used clothing + reselling it. Not much in it for them, but it’s time consuming.
Nicki is in Boston, still in B Sanitarium. Vic got to see her when we were in Maine. She has both TB + diabetes and doesn’t show much improvement. She’d probably enjoy a letter from you. Her life is pretty much centered around her fellow patients + the rest of the world is somewhat distant now. Don’t klnow if she’ll ever be strong enough to go home + renew a normal life. Her address is 198 Pilgrim Road Boston 15, Mass.
Woody is in Korea. His wife had a little girl in July (Brenda Joyce) Believe he saw her only once before he was shipped overseas. Address is:
Pvt. Wesley R. Woodbury, U.S. 51127845
Hq. Co., 3rd Bn. 224th Reg.
40th Div., A.P.O. 6
San Francisco, Calif.
Our “kiddoes” are both growing. Ann sits alone, has 5 teeth now. She’s 7 mos. old. David recites several nursery rhumes, sings some of “Jesus Loves Me”, and what he isn’t eager to do, or learn about isn’t worth talking about. Naturally we think they are the best ever + being a father you know what we mean/
Enough about us – imagine a lot has happened in your life since last January. Dennis + Donna Marie? Your fiancee? Insurance job?
Ever have a couple of days at a time off work? Any transportation? Maybe you could drop in on us some week-end.
Our transportation consists of a wooden wagon we pull Ann + David in and we walk.
Vic is going to school on Monday nights (guess they going to change days, though).


Commercial Law class under American Institute of Banking. David is getting fussy. It’s 8:30 + bedtime, so will close or now.
Write when you can. You did promise to answer if we would write.
Vic, Dorothy, David + Ann

[On back of original envelope:]
Dear Don,
Will try sending registered hoping it reaches you that way. Mom must have wired you – don’t know if you rec’d. or not. Since writing this we got wire – nothing else yet. Woody was killed in action in Korea on Nov. 22. If this letter reaches you let us know right away.
Vic, Dottie, David + Ann


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