Wesley in Portland


22 November 1952

Dear Woody,
Not much news this week. David is writing is usual letter to Uncle Woody. Sorry he writes such a foreign language. Ann talks about as foreign as David writes. He’s intelligent though – after all look who his uncle is.

28 Nov. 1952

Don’t remember what delayed the completion of this letter previously. Today is day after Thanksgiving. It’s snowing beautifully. First time Vic + I have seen snow for 3 years + it’s beautiful. David’s first time to see show + he is in the hospital + can’t see it with us for first time. Guess our Thanksgiving can be for doctors, drugs, + hospitals. Wed. after


noon David woke up from nap with 103.6o temp. Took him to Dr. in evening after he had retained fever + indicated sore thoat + found he had bronchitis. Yesterday A.M. he woke up with 104o + kept going up + at 1:00 P.M. he had 105.2o. We called doctor + he said take him to hosp. By 7:30 last night his temp had gone down to 102o + he was sitting up talking + “reading” a book. Doctor thinks he will be able to come home tomorrow.
So this A.M. we don’t yet know what he thinks of the snow. From what we read + hear of Korea you probably have had enough of the old man winter already. We are just beginning to have some + love it.


[This letter, written on two sides of one sheet and never folded, was never finished nor placed in an envelope.]

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