4:30 PM.
17 August

Hi Folks, Hows tricks;

I’m the Proudest Pappy you know right now. Mom and Baby are doing fine, Papa still hates the dambed army. Right now I’m just lying around waiting for my orders. I expect to get orders to go to Korea Monday or Tuesday. I didn’t know whether I’ll get a leave or not but I sure hope so. I’d hate to spend a year over there without seeing my wife and baby. Dot and her folks say Brenda looks like me. They also think shes very cute so I’m not worryed. She can’t be both. There just trying to make me feel good.
As for me I have no idea what she looks like. I only saw her once and then she looked just like a baby. The only diffrence between her and other babys I could see was that she hasn’t got much nose. Gyped I’d say.
The call just came for chow Gotta go get some of that havenly slop now. (Joke Ha! Ha!
I’ll send you a card when I find out where I’m going. Take care now and say Hello to David for me.

Yours Hapless

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=David A. Woodbury=

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