21 Oct 52
15:15 hrs
U.S.N.S. Black

Hi Pal; (S.H.)
Hows tricks. Life aint useing me so good these days these days as you’ve probably herd by now. I am in route to Korea. This ship is due to dock in inchon Korea Thursday noon. Thats just a few miles below the 38th parallell. I am assigned to the 40th Inf. Division. Better known as the california National guard. They are located between White Horse and Iron Horse Mt. I understand. I presume you’ve heard of those.
Boy am I lucky! Just think in another week I’ll


be getting combat pay. Thats an extra $45. a month. Thats supposed to be a joke you can plosuly see what this army has done to my sence of humor.
I haven’t heard from you since my Daughter was born. But I went up to see Al. Thayer while I was on leave and he let me read a letter you wrote him. I’m very glad to hear you have got another good job. I hope you don’t get any nutty ideas this time. You aint getting any yonger and you’ve got a lot of responsibility. Look whoes talking. I guess right now I’m as close to the bottom as a man could ever get.
I expect to be in Korea from 9 mos. to a year. That is if I’m lucky. It don’t seem fair. With all the single men there are going to europ but who am I to say. I’ll just have to stick to the old saying, “Not for me to reason why, but for me to do or die.”
I’ll give you a little dope on the past few mos. and you can guess the rest.
First I spent a very plesant leave with Dotty and brenda. Then I flew to Oakland California. Mom flew as far


as boston with me. It was her first time up but she was so busy talking she didn’t even know it. You know our mom. Always got to get in a last word.
Well I crossed the states in 18 hrs to the tune of $157.00 and began my processing in Camp Stoneman. That took 14 days. Then I was put on the “General W. M. Black U.S.N.S.” and I pulled 14 days of K.P. between Frisco and Yokohama. At Yokohama I boarded a train that took 4 hrs. to travel 35 miles. The latest thing in Japanese rail development. I was in “Camp Drake” just 48 hrs. Thats 14½ miles west of Tokyo. Then I returned to the black for another 3½ days of sea life. Now I have captured the honor of duty as Latrine Sargent.
Right now we are in the “Japan Sea”. We will probably inter the yellow sea sometime tonight.
I guess my daughter will be about davids size when I see her again. I hope shes as cute. Wish I could see him now.
I am sitting on deck now It is a butiful day. I imagin


it will be a lot colder tomorrow at this time.
Here in the orent we don’t pull any K.P. and very few detales. at Camp Drake the Japs do it all and I understand it is all done by South Koreans in Korea. That don’t hurt my feelings any.
While we were at Camp Drake we turned in all our outter cloths and got combat dress. now the O.D. pants and shirts are for every day instead of class A. They have all been impregnated against the lice and desease carrying ticks that we will contact over here. After all the needels I’ve had stuck into me I should be emuned to everything including women and eating.
Speeking of women you should see the sluts theyve got in Japan. Some of these guys are nuts about them. I can’t see it. They say after I’ve been here a couple months I’ll change my tune, but I know better. They just haven’t got the wife I’ve got. as long as shes wiating it’ll take maney a year to change my tune.
This damn deck gets pretty hard sitting. Don’t know why they haven’t got 3 or 4 thousand deck chairs.


Well brother I can’t think of much more to say so guess I’ll nock this shit off. Maby I’ll do better when I hear from you. You’d better write and often. You know how valuable mail is when your this far away from home. I may be to far away now but if you don’t write I’ll kick your dambed ass all the way back to Florida when I get home. Ha! Ha! Mad Cow: Dam! This army. Say Hi to Dot, David, and Ann, and seriously Vic, be greatful your not here. Your a Rich Man.

Your Brat Brother Woody.


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=David A. Woodbury=

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