DamnYankee.com no longer issues a “blog” but has arranged former newspaper, magazine, and blog articles as web pages. See the menu at the top or bottom of this page for currently available content.

Categories are:

BOOKS published by DamnYankee.com as well as other books which we recommend

by David A. Woodbury

by other authors

ARTICLES to inform, entertain, or reflect upon significant subjects of universal interest

OP-EDS which are, by definition, opinions-editorials, screeds, diatribes, rants, hissy-fits, laments, didacticisms, criticisms, ipsedixitisms, tirades,… also ponderings, solutions, exhortations…


FAMILY matters regarding ancestors and near-relatives of David A. Woodbury which may be of interest to a wider audience

ABOUT the author David A. Woodbury


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