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BRENDA J. WOODBURY, JERICHO — Brenda Joyce Woodbury, the admired actress and playwright, died on St. Patrick’s Day at a great but mysterious age. Known for her emotional generosity, swift intellect, and astonishing creative power, she found the world a beautiful, if disordered, place, and left the planet much improved. Her talents as an artist were surpassed only by her gift for being a mother; at that good art, she was genius itself. Brenda is survived by her mother, Dorothy Shippee; her sisters, Cindy Hardy and Gail Kill; and by Michael Merriam, her son. A funeral service will be held Saturday, March 24, at 1 p.m. in the Ready Funeral & Cremation Service South Chapel, 261 Shelburne Road, Burlington. To send online condolences to the family, please visit

[Brenda was 54 when she died.]

Brenda Ann

In the candid picture above, Brenda is about 18 (with long necklace), same age as my sister, Ann Woodbury, seated in the foreground.  The others in the picture are Brenda’s mother, Dorothy Shippee in back of Brenda, and her other daughters, Gail on the left and Cindy on the far right.  I surmise that the picture was snapped in Shippee’s house in Vermont on a visit that I may not have participated in.  (I would have been in the Army at that time.)

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