[Not quite three months after Woody was killed, his grandfather, George Hugh Woodbury, died in Belgrade, Maine at age 79.  This was written by Nellie (Sanborn) Woodbury, his second wife (not Woody’s grandmother.)  Walter was her son with George.  His death only added to the confusion and tumult in the family at the time.]


Feb. 27th 1953
Dear Dorothy + Victor
This is a lonesome day it is snowing and I think winter is here to stay through March.  Walter stays nights with me but goes to Waterville to work early in the morning.  They would have me out there to stay but the water here would have to be shut off here and then on again.  They talk of moving here in the Spring and try raising chickens, farming, his wife would like that and he still keep the job he has now.
I feel bad not to have any late pictures of George.  [crossed out: Would you send me one of the snap shots you took of him here] and we will try to find something for you.  I just found some pictures you took here in 1951 they are good ones and I am so glad.


Guess you think this is a funny letter.  I do not like to write letters but do like to get them so please over look all the mistakes.  I got up this morning at 5:30 got Walter up and on his way now it is only 1 o’clock and he will not be home tonight.  I miss Geo. so much life is not worth living with out him.  He went to the hospital in ambulance Feb. 8 and lived untill the night of the 13th.
There is so much more to write.
I will close with
with love to you


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=David A. Woodbury=

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