WRW letter 5

15 November 1952

Dear Woody,
Guess our biggest problems at the moment consist of how to make our bed stay up. Every time we get in bed the slats fall out. Vic’s in the process of trying to tie it together someway. We took paint off an old bed someone gave us and sanded it down and are rubbing Shinola shoe polish on it for a finish. Meanwhile we are sleeping on the floor, but on springs and mattress – and how lucky we feel to even be sleeping on a floor. Rec’d your letter today and can’t help thinking about the officers having a better place to s— than you have to try to sleep.


Yesterday we sent your Christmas package and sent it via your old address and today rec’d letter with new address. Hope you receive the box O.K., but imagine it will be late.
David is writing his letter to Uncle Woody. He’s talking about the choo choo train and loco”motor” as he has named the locomotive.
Last night we were given free tickets to a football game and had our first real night out together since we left Sarasota. Beautiful night, the weather hasn’t been below 50o at night for a week + has been in the 50’s in daytime. Unusually warm weather for November. Colder than this in Florida when you were there in Nov. last year.
Ann is now in the hair-pulling stage. Her daddy is the luckiest one in he family now, it’s a long reach over his high forehead.
Now David is writing “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Easter” to you, and writing while riding his tricycle, so if you have trouble reading it


you’ll know why. Must get the little stinker ready for bed so will turn this over to Vic.
Back again. Vic said he’d finish the bed, I could finish this letter and he’d write later. Want to write to Mom, too, so will sign off now.

Love + best of luck
to you Woody,
Vic, Dottie, David + Ann


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=David A. Woodbury=

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