Web Site Update

The web site, DamnYankee.com, has undergone a substantial amount of revision and I just wanted to invite everyone to look it over. The appearance is much the same but I think it’s better organized and offers more information.

I’ve set up (and recently revised) a separate site dedicated to the novel, Cold Morning Shadow. Perhaps you’ve already visited it, but it’s always worth another look. (For subscribers to Kindle Unlimited, you can download a free copy of the book. For anyone else, the Kindle edition is $4 with occasional discounts down to $1. The “hard copy” (paperback) edition is $16 at Amazon.com.)

And I’m in charge of a site in the name of the 20th-Century author and thinker, Albert Jay Nock. There is a lot to read and contemplate there.

A site at DamnYankee.us serves as a hub for the several sites that I oversee. I just wanted people know who have signed up to follow DamnYankee.com.

Thanks for looking!

=David A. Woodbury=