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Proverbial Beer is not a brewery or brew pub. It is a brand name (trademark pending). And it’s a brand you can use! See ‘The Proposition’ below.

We don’t have a license to make beer to sell. The laws are too complicated for that and are certainly designed to exclude us from the market. We don’t want to make thousands of barrels a year, anyway. Then we’d have to hire lawyers and accountants, buy workers’ comp insurance, submit “compliance” reports, and endure surprise inspections to make sure we're following government-approved recipes.

We want to make enough to remain reasonably supplied with beer for home consumption and sharing. That’s all.

And we do know how to make beer, or more accurately, ale, in the usual home-brew batch. If you don’t know how or have tried and found it too messy or scary, but you would still like to enjoy some great home brew -- and it definitely is as good as or better than most commercially-made brew -- we have a proposition.

The Proposition

1. Contact us (see next section) to get on our schedule. Discuss what you’d like brewed.
2. After discussing what you’d like us to brew for you, you buy the ingredients, and we actually prefer that you get a kit for about $29 - $36.
3. You collect and provide the bottles. A kit makes about five gallons of brew, generally enough to fill about 50 12-ounce bottles.
4. You bring us a quantity of clean bottles and the kit according to the schedule we have made. (We will sanitize your bottles. And don’t worry about caps; they come with the kit.)
5. We will brew a batch from your kit, using our equipment, water, and necessary resources. We will ferment it and bottle it, and cap it for you.
6. You will take home five six-packs for the cost of your investment in the kit. We will keep the rest.
7. You may participate in the process to any extent you wish, from doing it all (so that we just stand around and direct) to not at all (so we don’t see you until you receive your beer). You can even say you made it yourself, if that’s fundamentally true.
8. We take no money, we merely split the batch. Your cost is about $1 a bottle.

That’s it. Adapt the plan to your liking.

If you would simply like to adapt the logo and use the name on your own product, please let us know so we can keep a record of uses. Eventually this will matter -- the more the better -- when the US Patent & Trademark Office considers our brand.

Contact us by posting on our page at Google+ or Facebook or e-mail proverbialbeer@gmail.com or use our contact us form.

With enough notice, we can brew quantities for special events.
Proverbial Beer

(We are located in Lincoln, Maine, and we cannot pick up or deliver -- we actually don’t own a Proverbial Beer truck -- so transportation is all your responsibility.)