Kate’s 1884 Diary

[Note: Strikethroughs, misspellings, and other apparent errors are Kate’s and are preserved here for the authenticity of the diary.  For further explanation of things that may be confusing in the diary, please see the Introduction in a separate post.]

Kate J. Gardner, Black Lick, Pennsylvania

One Year of my life.
Dictated to my dearest friends – Myself + Chum.
Our lifves are albums

And the New sun arose bringing the New Year. 1884.

Black Lick.
Jan 1st 1884
I do begin my book with a solemn determination to keep it up for a year. Charlie S. didnt come down this evening. As it was very stormy. We had company for dinner today I was at home all day I was weighed on Christmas afternoon and weigh 104 lbs. Sadie Geary and I are going to keep a diary this year. She is my chum.


Black Lick
Jan 2. 1884
It has been very stormy all day. Sadie G. was up this eve. I went down street with her. I got a seal skin cap today. I got some very nice presents on Christmas, Bent Barr sent me a large Autograph Album. Dice McNulty sent me a smaller one. Mother gave me a breast pin. Het gave me a tidy and Sadie Geary gave me a book mark and Halsey a Christmas card.

Jan 3. 1883
Black Lick
It has been very windy all day. I went to prayer meeting Sadie G. was there. I wanted her to come over this evening but she said she couldn’t. Charlie and Ellsworth were there Charlie come home with me. And Clark and Halsey come up and we made taffy and had a good time in general. The boys left at ten. I offered to trade diarys with Sadie G. at the end of this year but Sadie says to wait until the year is over then talk about trading. I have been trying to coax a picture from Charlie of he and Ellsworth but I cant get it. Perhaps I can through time.

Jan 4 1883.
Black Lick.
It is snowing today nicely if it only snows enough for sleighing we will get to Singing on Tuesday night for sure. I had a notion to go down and see Sadie this eve. but changed my mind and thought I wouldnt. I didnt do much of any importance today only I baked some pies this afternoon. Am going to write a letter now to Nellie Balsinger. And then am going to bed.

Jan 5. 1883.
I didnt do any thing in particular today. This evening I went to the post office and then went down to Gearys. I met Ellsworth Gerhard and asked him if he didnt want to go along he said yes he would go Sadie was in the station house with Sadie Bell and Al Lickert we went in there a while then went to Geary’s and Al and Sade didnt stay very long. After they were gone E and Sadie and I blacked each others faces and acted the fool and had a good time. Had lots of fun after I come home.

Black Lick Jan 6.
Did’nt go to church this morning. I got dinner and washed the dishes and read a novel. Went to church tonight sat with Sadie Geary. Charlie and Ellsworth were there E. went home with Sade C. come with me. We are going to society on Tuesday night if it aint to cold. Was very cold today thermometer down to 13-o below zero this morn. was to four above all day.

B.L. Jan 7. 1884
Didnt do much of any thing today. Had company for dinner and supper. I read a book today called Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. This was only the first volume I like it splendid. I was down to see Sadie this eve. We planned it to go to singing tomorrow night and then I was to go down to Gearys and stay all night but when I come home Beccie had written a note to Alice Morehouse telling her she would be in tomorrow night to stay all night with her so if I go to singing will have to come home instead of going with Sadie as I had intended doing. Wrote a letter to Lidie Pierce this evening. Thermometer to 8o below zero this morning has been up to 20o all day

B.L. Jan 8. 1884
Weather moderating still more. Has been snowing hard all day. Went to singing today night had good fun saw Kate and Mary Turner Lintners girls and Flo Sides and ever so many boys that I knew. Sadie G. didnt go Ellsworth is sick. Charlie and I drove down for her but May Fair was there and she couldnt come. She was awfully mad. Kate Turner is coming up soon to skate. Got 3 letters today from Bent, Dice + Herb

B.L. Jan 9. 1884
Snowing still. It has been very rough all day We didnt do much of any thing today was at home all evening.

B.L. Jan 10’ 84
Didnt do much of any thing today. Went over to Berries in the sled this afternoon. This evening there was a crowd of us went to Homer City to church Marshal Barron took Het in a sleigh and Charlie Hill took Sadie Bell + Anna Stone back. And in the sled was Sadie G. Lizzie S Lizzie C. Sadie Griffith S Ollie Berry Edna M. and Myself. + John E. Clark S. + Halsey S. It rained we were wringing wet when we got home. I got a letter today from Lidie Pierce. Jackie Ritz from Hollidaysburg is here.

Jan 11. 1884
Didnt do any thing in particular today was at home all evening.

Jan 12. 1884
Baked today and made ice cream this afternoon Was down to Gearys this evening I wrote to Dice today.

Jan 13. 1884
This morning Henry Cusic took the sled and took us up to Homer to church Maggie Donahey and Clara Sarver Emma Berry Beccie Sallie Mr Baird and myself coming home. Ellsworth Gerhard was with us. He is the bigest tease ever I saw. He washed my face with snow and rubbed the dirt off his old glove on my face. And by the time we got home my face was dirty for sure.

diary8Jan 14. 84
I was mad all day today Beck and Liz teased me so that I did nothing but cry and swear all day. Was at home all evening.

Jan 15. 84
I wanted to go to society singing tonight but Charlie couldnt get the sleigh so I had to stay at home was awful mad. Em Fetterman come down from Indiana. Sadie and Ellsworth went.

Jan 16 ‘84
Beck went away today she went to visit Della Lydick at Nolo. Em went back on the noon train I was down at Gearys this evening a while.

Jan 17. 1884
Didnt do much of any thing today. Sadie was up this afternoon. Went to prayer meeting this evening Charlie was’nt down tonight I wonder why. I will kick him when I see him. Sadie + Ellsworth Griffith and John Earhart Marshal Barron Halsey and Liz Cusic were all here this evening. I had been making myself a bead collar and left the box of beads on the window sill and here Ellsworth spilled them this evening I made him gather them up. but I have lost half of them. Oh! dear, what awkward creatures boys are some times. How I wish old Charl had been down tonight and give me a sleigh ride. Oh! dear! It makes me sigh.

Jan 18. 1884
I am real mad tonight I wanted to go to society so bad and here Marshal Barron come and took Hettie and never asked me to go and they went in a sled too. I think it is down right mean and Marshal Barron has no more sense than our dog. He is a regular countryfied fellow If Charlie were as dumb as Marshal I would send him home for his mother to learn him some manners. and Halsey said today “you be sure and be ready early.” I asked him were they going in couples and he said “no just pile in any way you can go of course.” Darn big crank when he would get to squeezing Edna he wouldnt care whether any body else went. But I do most bitterly hate Halsey Shannon and Marshal Barron and Ed Dickey, I wish – No I dont either I will pay them back some other way and not wish them evil.

Jan 18. 1884.
Liz and I went down to see Miss Gilson last night I think I would like her real well. I was down to see Geary this eve.

Jan 20. 1884.
This afternoon Henry Cusic give us a sled ride. Had lots of fun, went to church tonight. Charlie was there but I didnt get to half talking with him. He would’nt come in and it was too cold to stand out.

Jan 21. 1884.
Didnt do any thing very particular today Hettie is sick. She was sick all night I was down at the station to mail a letter tonight. There is a crowd going over in the country about eight miles to a party tomorrow night. We were invited but cant go.

Jan 22. ‘84
We washed today ironed and baked. Charlie come up in a sleigh to take me to the party but when I told him I couldnt go he said for me to get ready and go to singing Sadie G. went with us. Charlie Hill took Lizzie C. Het is a little better. Charlie wanted to take her but she couldnt go. We had a splendid time.

Jan 23. 1884.
Mother and pa went to Sweezys today. I was all alone all afternoon. I sent down for Sadie to come up but Harry didnt give her the note. I was down this evening a while and laughed over our last nights experience. Lidie Pierce come home today, am going down to see her tomorrow.

Jan 24.
Went down to see Lidie this afternoon she has congestion of the lungs. Is in bed. Sadie G. was up this morevening.

Jan 25.
Hettie and I got Henry Cusic to take us to Blairsville in the sleigh this afternoon We had good fun.

Jan 26.
Ella Butler was down today George was to come after her this evening but he didnt come. Sadie Bell and Edna Mildren were up this evening. We had lots of fun.

Jan 27.
This is my birthday. I am twenty years old. George come down for Ella this morning and we took a sleigh ride. George and I. This afternoon Henry give us a sled ride up as far as the chapel and back. This evening I went to prayer meeting Charlie was there I am going up to Butlers on Tuesday. George is coming down for me.

Jan 28.
It is thawing today I was down to see Lidie Pierce and Sadie Geary this afternoon. Ellsworth is going to take a sled to Smiths tomorrow night. I took a sleigh ride with Halsey tonight we went to Blairsville

Jan 29.
George Butler didnt come down for me today. And I had told Charlie not to come down after me to go to singing as I would be at Butlers so when the sled come Marshal said to go down in the sled so I went. Charlie come up in the sled with me We had a picnic.

Jan 30.
Was at home all eve. Didnt do much of any thing today. Sadie Geary Lizzie and Maggie Cusic were here this afternoon I was out sleigh riding with papa today He was breaking a colt. Liz and Maggie were here this evening.

Jan 31.
Worked hard all day today. Went to prayers this evening. Sadie wasnt there. but Ellsworth and Charl were. Charlie said he was going West next week. But he didnt say where to. I am awfully sorry he is going. I have that picture almost coaxed from him I think I will get it.

Black Lick Feb 1.st 1884.
I baked swept scrubbed churned and cleaned the lamps cooked and washed dishes today. Beck has never come home yet. I was down at Pierces to see Lidie this eve. She is very bad.

Feb 2. 1884.
This is ground hog day and it is going to be cold for six weeks. For the ground hog saw his shadow for sure. Beccie come home this evening. I was down to see Lidie this eve she is not any better. Her lungs are in a very dangerous condition. I was at Bells this evening Had lots of fun. Maggie Cusic come went home today.

Feb 3. 1884.
Was at church tonight and sat with Sadie G. and Mary Gilson first rate Charlie and I walked down to the post office and back after church Charlie is only going to Pittsburg. He wants Sadie and I to go up on Tuesday. and I told him we would go if we didnt go to Butlers. He said he would find out if George B was coming down for us. If not then he will come. He said I could have the picture. Edna Mildren is sick in bed. Spine desease is the complaint I believe That complaint seems to be popular here. I think I will get it for a change.

Feb 4. 1884.
I worked like everything today. I was down to see Sadie about going to Butlers or Sides tomorrow and if George dont come after us Charl will so we will go either place providing it dont rain in the afternoon. It is pouring out tonight

Feb 5.
It didnt rain until after dinner then it poured and poured steady until four oclock It cleared up a little after supper but rained again about eight oclock. I looked for Charlie more than I did George. I’ll bet any thing it was George’s fault that cl Charl didnt come. Rained today.

Feb 6.
I went down to see the creek today The water is almost to Moores kitchen Met Sade Geary and went home with her. She saw Ellsworth last night He was up at Side’s all afternoon yesterday. He said George told Charl he was coming down for us for sure. Then Charlie didnt come. He said they done nothing but swear all afternoon. Rained again.

Feb 7.
Was down at Gilsons this evening and we went up to see Lidie Pierce. Then went down to the train and then back to Gilsons and had lots of fun. Mrs Walker come to visit us this evening. It rained today.

Feb 8.
We washed today and dried the clothes in the house it didnt rain very much today.

Feb 9.
It rained hard today. rain every day this week. I wasnt down street this week b evening. It was raining for a while and when it stopped it was to late to go.


Feb 10.
I was over at church this morning and this evening I went to prayer meeting Charlie was down He gave me a present this eve a pink hood it is very pretty but I dont like them. He is coming down on Tuesday to take Sade and I up there. I told him not to come if it rained.

Feb 11.
Well it is raining for a change of all the mean dismal weather ever I saw. Of course it will rain tomorrow. I have not been down yet to tell Sade that Charlie is coming for us. I told her to tell one of the boys at school to tell Sadie but she forgot it.

Feb 12.
It didnt rain one bit today. It was a lovely day. Charlie didnt come down for us. Flo come down and took us up She first went to Gerhardts and stopped for Sade and I as she come back. It was seven oclock when she come then the spring in the buggy broke and Ellsworth tied it up withy a strap. We had the best fun I have had for a long time. Charlie was waiting on us at Smiths School House. He brought us home I drove coming home. Charlie gave me the picture I wanted.

Feb 13.
Sade and I both sent Charlie a vanlantine a comic one. I suppose he will get them tomorrow and give it to us at prayer meeting tomorrow evening for sending them

Feb 14.
St Valintines Day and I didnt get a single one valintine. I was at prayer meeting this eve Charlie was’nt there but Ellsworth was. I teased him with that picture and he says he was “Shust going to give it Charl.” Sade was at prayers. We has lots of fun. Any person reading my diary would wonder at us having fun at prayer meeting. Strange as it may seem it is true. It is getting cold and is freezing out. It snowed a little this morning and rained some. Hope we will have more sleighing. Jim Barron and Will Morten went West on Monday.

Feb 15. 1884.
It is still cold but no signs of snow. I got two valintines this morning Charlie sent the one back that I sent him I burned it and sent him another one. I was sick today but I never let on because Het was sick and there was an awful lot of work to do. I hadnt time to grunt. I was down at Gearys a few minutes this morning. There is church tomorrow night.

Feb 16.
As I sat in church tonight I thought of Lynch, my favorite brother. We had not heard from him for a long time. and as the train whistled it seemed to me that Lynch was coming and sure enough after the train a while didnt Lynch walk in. I almost screamed. I was frightened. After church Charl and I walked down to Gearys and fought about those valintines and I declared I didnt send them Charlie half believed me. He says he will send them back on Monday. We have two preachers to entertain Mr Core and Mr Stewert.

Feb 17.
I didnt go to church to this morning I got dinner. one of the preachers was here for dinner. Charlie was down tonight we nearly fought about that demed old valintine and at last I coaxed Charl to take half of it and I took half. I took mine and tore it up.

Feb 18.
I worked like forty today Beccie and Het are both sick. Of course I had all the work to do. It rained all day I was at church today tonight. Charlie wasnt down this evening. Ellsworth was down. Sade got a picture from Ellsworth like the one I got of him and Charlie.

Feb. 19.
I got up early this morning. We washed today and I was at church tonight. Its very stormy this evening.

Feb. 20.
I dont feel good today. Have a bad head ache. Lynch went away this evening Papa was at Indiana this afternoon and he got me a photograph album I was to see Lidie Pierce this evening, and went from there down to Gearys come home early. Al Lickert and Ed Moore were here this evening.

Feb. 21.
My head ache is worse this evening but I think I will go to prayer meeting any way if there is any.

Feb. 22.
I didnt do much today Went over to Bells this evening Sadie Bell Mary Gilson Sadie Geary Hettie Dixon and myself. And M Newt and Charlie Dixon Gill Bell Teddie Jones and Ellsworth Gerhardt. We had a pretty jolly time Ted Jones brought Mary Gilson and I home in a buggy. Sade and Ellsworth rode home. I stayed at Gearys all night.

Feb. 23.
I worked like forty today We met this evening and made arrangements to have a leap year party We are going to have it next Friday after evening at Lickerts It is to be a masquerade. I got a picture of Ellsworth this evening.

Feb. 24.
Went to Sunday School this morning. There was no church any where today. I wrote two notes, to Ella Butler and Flora Sides today also wrote a letter I sent my notes with Stewert Charlie was’nt down.

Feb 25.
Beccie and I washed today we got all our chl clothes dry. Its raining now. I sent word for Charlie to come down tonight but I know he wont come in the rain. I was studying up some kind of a costume to wear at the masquerade I am going to wear a f red flannel skirt trimmed with black braid a white puffed muslin waist and a black velvet bodice white stockings and black slippers a red cap and white mask.

Feb. 26. 1884.
Charlie was down last night so was George Butler. Beccie and I ironed today this afternoon I made my skirt and bodice the skirt is pretty short. and is real pretty.

Feb 27. 1884
I made my mask and got a pair of slippers today was down at Gearys a while this afternoon I met Charlie and Ellsworth down street this afternoon. Sade was up a while this evening We went to a temperance lecture this evening in the church. It did’nt amount to any thing.

Feb 28.
Did’nt any thing in particular today only make my cap. It is awfully stormy today was at home all day.

Feb 29. 1884.
Ella Butler come down this afternoon I was begining to swear for I knew Charlie and I would have to take her to the party with us. But Rob King from Homer come down so I palmed Ella off on him. The party was a grand success. There was about twenty couple there. The boys all looked very handsome in their fancy costumes. Charlie wore red flannel knee pants and dark blue blouse and white stockings and slippers a black sash trimmed with white fringe and a red calico kneck tie. Ellsworth wore a dark suit. dark pants trimmed with a yellow stripe up each leg a blue blouse trimmed with gilt buttons a dark blue shirt red calico kneck tie and pink sho sash. Charlie Hill was dressed like Ellsworth. Oh it was jolly fun to see the boys as they come string ing down the stairs with their masks on. It was three oclock when we got home.

March 1. 1884.
Did’nt do much of any thing today I took Ella down to Gearys this afternoon. Rob went home this evening I was down at Gilsons this eve and Sade Bell and Sade Geary come over dressed in John and Gill Bells suits and masks and scared Gilson nearly out of her senses. I come home early.

March 2. 1884
I went to bed at ten oclock last night and got up at half past seven this morning I wasnt at church this morning I went this evening. Charlie and I are going down to Singing on Tuesday night if it aint stormy. Mr Butler come down for Ella this morning.

March 3 1884.
I served a little today but that is all I done. I was not out any where this evening. I am going to bed now I guess it must be nten oclock, or later Bob Criswell from Nolo is here this evening. He told me he met Will Wehrle in Indiana this evening and Will had a notion to come down with him I do with he had. He sent his respects to me especially. I would like to see him.

March 4. 1884.
Didnt do any thing particular today. It is awfully cold today. Was in the house all day.

March 5. 1884.
We washed this morning This afternoon I ge began to sew ricrac for a skirt Was down to see Sadie G. this evening. She has been sick since Sunday she has a very sore throat. Ellsworth come in while I was there he is going away in the morning. He just acted awful. on he teased me and done tried to kiss me and told the biggest stories about Charlie. I am awfully sorry he is going for we wont have near so much fun.
March 6 1884.
We ironed today. I sewed braid on my skirt today was at prayer meeting this evening Charlie was there He brought my autograph album down. I had a locket of Charlie’s I gave it to him tonight. We sent down to see Sadie after prayers her throat is no better.

March 7. 1884.
Finished my skirt this morning this afternoon I went to the store and done a lot of baking. I baked a chocolate cake and some cookies. This evening I was at home.

March 8. 1884
Didnt do much of any thing today. This evening I took a book down to Miss Gilson and we went down to see Sadie. her throat is some better. I took her down some apples and am going to send her a book tomorrow I will take it to Sunday School and give it to John for her.

March 9. 1884.
Went to Sunday school this morning. There is no prayer meeting I wrote to Lynch today. I dont feel good.

March 10. 1884.
We didnt wash today I made myself two shirts and began to embroider an apron today I took a book down to Sadie this evening. Mrs Gerhard was at our house today she said Ellsworth come home on Saturday evening I got a letter from Dice this evening.

March 11. 1884.
We washed today I am positively sick today. But Beck laughed at me and I had lots of work to do. so I had not time to go to bed. I was at home this evening.

March 12. 1884.
I churned today and baked pies and cakes this afternoon. Mrs Sides was here today this eve I was down at Bells awhile Sadie G was there, and Beccie + Mary Gilson and Charlie Dixon. That Charlie is a cure.

March 13. 1884.
Didnt do much of any thing this forenoon this afternoon I went up to Donaheys to get my cashmere cut and fit and Maggie was’nt at home I went to Gearys and got some cabbage. I am not feeling any better than I was yesterday. I went to prayer meting this eve. Charlie and Ellsworth were there We teased E. good about going West. Charlie is going to farm at the Altmans this summer.

March 14.
Didnt do any thing in particular today. was down at Bells this evening Sadie Geary was there. S. and I went down to the train I come home after the train.

March 15. 1884.
Didnt do much of any thing today. Went down to Gearys this afternoon I saw Ellsworth when I was going down. He and a Mr Sides from Pine Flat was here nearly all afternoon I missed them for I was not here while they were I felt pretty mad about it.
March 16.
This afternoon Annie Stoneback Sadie Geary Beccie and myself walked up to the chapel two miles and a half from here. Up at Gerharts Mr Gerhart and Mr Sides and Ellsworth and Flora were waiting on us so we all went up together We had a splendid time if it was Sunday. I went to church this evening. Charlie was there and he grinned after church we went to mail some letters and then I talked to Charlie a while.

St P’s Day. March 17.
This morning we washed and this afternoon I went up to Donaheys to get a polenaise and two sacks cut and fit. at noon I got a letter from Will Wehrle saying he might probably stop off at noon if he went to Indiana. I waited until half past one but he didnt come so I went and about four oclock here did’nt Will come walking up to Maggies he waited until I had my dress fit and then when we come down Sadie Geary was here. We got our suppers and talked awhile and then Will went home on the train. He took Sadie down home. He is the biggest fool ever I saw.

March 18.
We ironed today I was down to see what Sadie thought of Will. She says she is mashed on him. I was at home this evening. I think it is raining out now. I must stop and write a letter.

March 19. 1884.
This morning Beccie and I filled two ticks with straw and this afternoon I worked at an apron. this evening I wrote to Lynch and took my letter to the office. I saw Sadie Bell, got two letters today. Will Wehrle wants me to correspond with him again I did correspond with him for over two years. then we quit writing and now he wants to renew the correspondence I like him even better than Charlie or Bent.

March 20.
I churned this morning worked at my apron this afternoon. Sadie wanted me to go down and stay all night with her tonight I guess I will go.

March 21.
Well I did stay with Sadie last night and had lots of fun. we went to prayer meeting and went from there to Gearys Charlie and Ellsworth come in and stayed until ten oclock than Sadie and I sat and talked until eleven then when we went to bed our bed cord broke we had lots of fun.

March 22.
This was a lovely day I was down street this evening to Miss Gilsons then I was going to the office and met Sadie and Ellsworth I went down home with them and was there a while then come home and am now ready for bed.

March 23.
Was at Sunday school this morning at and intended going to church but it rained. Rained hard all morning it cleared up this evening and I went to prayer meeting after prayers I went to the office and then come home. got a letter from Will today.

March 24.
We washed today didnt do any thing particular this afternoon got a letter from Dice today. Was at home this evening.

March 25
Ironed today was at home all evening.

March 26.
I was down to see Sadie Geary this evening I didnt do much of any thing today I had a letter from Lynches wife this evening she dont say when she is coming over.

March 27.
I answered Wills and Dices letters today and took them to the train to mail. Het Dixon come down this evening We went to prayer meeting after prayers Charlie and I took a walk and then come home. Hettie stayed all night.

March 28.
Dixons Farm.
I come over here this morning with Het D. we walked over it is about two miles in the country from the station Maggie Donahey and Clara Sarver come over this afternoon. We went to the barn and the boys were there Will and Ed + Charley we acted the fool and had lots of fun. This evening we went out to see the lambs and the sheep. The dear little lambs they have. Maggie went home this evening Het and I went with her a piece. We went to bed about nine oclock.

Home. March 29.
We run around this morning and this afternoon we teased the boys. We got Ed to dig us some apples out of the hole and we washed them and after supper Charlie and Ed dressed and I came over home with them they were coming over to the stores. We had lots of fun coming home.

March 30.
I was not at Sunday school nor church this morning I was at church this evening Ellsworth is going to Michigan he starts tomorrow morning I bid him goodby tonight. Charlie was in a good humor tonight he is a jolly piece.

March 31.
This was a very pretty day. I went up to Donaheys and had my bronze silk cut and fit this afternoon. This evening I went down to Gearys to see how Sadie liked their new house they moved today. Their house will be very nice after it is all finished. it is not plastered yet. I got a letter from Will this morning.

April 1st 1884.
Black Lick.
This is all fools day and I wasnt fooled once. I didnt do much of any thing today This was Sallies birthday she is eight years old. I was at home all day today. This was a nice warm day.
Sunday March 2
April 2. 1884.
Beccie and I washed today but we didnt hang our clothes out because it got very stormy about dinner time and was real stormy all afternoon it is very cold and snowing out now. I was down at Gearys this evening and we got to talking about the fun we had down at singing last winter and had lots of fun all to our selves. got a letter from Bent today and one from Lidie P.

April 3rd. 1884.
It was a real cold stormy day today. This evening it good a little warmer. I was at prayer meeting tonight Sadie G. was up a little while. Charlie and I went down home with her and teased her about Ellsworth. We had lots of fun this evening

April 4 1884.
This was a warm nice day. Bec put out the clothes this morning and this afternoon we ironed Emma Sarver was here this afternoon I was at home all evening. I churned this morning.

April 5.
Didnt do much of any thing today. I finished my apron. Edna Meldren was here all after noon and stayed for supper. I was at home this evening Sadie Griffith and Lizzie Cusic were here a while this evening I got a letter from Sallie tonight she dont say when she is coming over.

April 6.
I was at Sunday school and church this morning and come over home with Sadie G. she said she had a letter from Ellsworth. this evening Em Sarver came in and wanted me to te go over to church with her I went but Charlie went to prayer meeting. when we come home I was with Sadie G.y. and Sadie Bell. Charlie was standing on Meldrens store porch he walked up with me and scolded me because I didnt go to prayer meeting and I scolded him because he didnt come over to church.

April 7.
It was a lovely day today so warm and nice out Beccie washed this morning this afternoon her and I ironed. I got two cards from Ellsworth today I wish I could see Charl to show them to him was down at the station tonight. Hettie Dixon went up to school tonight. I got a letter from Will this morning and one from Dice today.

April 8.
Its a rather showery day. but nice and warm. Mother went over to Simpsons this afternoon. I stamped a hat crown and began working it. Its going to be pretty.

April 9.
When I got up this morning the ground was covered with snow. It has been snowing hard all afternoon. But the snow melts as soon as it falls. I finished my hat crown today I was at home all evening.

April 10.
It was cold today. I did not do any thing in particular today. Was at prayer meeting this evening. Sadie was there with Sade Bell. Charlie and I walked down to the post office after prayers. Beccie and I had a big fight today.

April 11.
I churned and baked today this evening I went down to see Sadie G. We laughed and had lots of fun. There was two fellows come here for board today. I guess we will have one all the time the other went to Homer and will be here only on Sundays. Their names are Sutherland. they are cousins. I dont know what their first names are. They put on a great deal of style. Sadie G. and I are going up to Butlers next week some day.

April 12.
I worked all forenoon this afternoon I didnt do any thing. Sadie Griffith was here this evening and Liz C. We had music and dancing and had a very nice time The Messrs Sutherland are very nice gentlemen. The one that goes to Homer is much the most sensible the other is nice but he thinks he knows to much. he is rather conceity.

April 13.
Easter Sunday. This morning I got every thing ready for dinner and then went to church. Mr Stewert preached a very plain good sermon. Mother took the baby to church and had her baptised. Her name is Marian Beulah. Mrs Gerhart had two of her children baptised Frank Benjamin and Jacob Alfred. There is no church tonight Mr Stewert had to attend a funeral in Homer this afternoon. There was quite a crowd at prayer meeting. The Messrs Sutherland went over with us.

April 14.
We washed this morning and this afternoon I ironed I had a letter from Lynch today. He is not well at all. I had a letter from Will Wehrle this morning he is sick. He will be down on Wednesday evening if he is able to come.

April 15.
I didnt do much of any thing today only churn and get dinner. This afternoon I w fixed over a skirt. this evening I went to Cusics Ella Duncan was there and after I had been there a while I saw Sadie Geary coming up so I went over home Ella come over. And the Messrs Sutherland was here and we had a real jolly time. I had a letter from Hettie Dixon last evening.

April 16.
It rained and stormed all day today. Will Wehrle was to come down this evening but he didnt come I suppose it was on account of the rain. He says if he dont come down this week he will not be able to get down this month. I guess I will get a letter from him in the morning. Mr L O Sutherland went to Homer tonight J.H. intends going to Blairsville in the morning. Halsey intends going to Pittsburg in the morning we will have to get up early. I like J H Sutherland much better as he dont seem to try to put on so much style since you get to know him.

April 17.
I got a letter from Will Wehrle this morning he will be down on Saturday evening he says. Sadie Geary and I are going up to see Ellie Butler tomorrow if it dont rain. Charlie was up to prayer meeting this evening.
Butlers. April 18.
I had to church this morning before I could leave home. Mr J H Sutherland come up with us. We are having jolly fun. We intend staying at Side’s all night. Ella gave us each a goose egg and some pea fowl feathers and a porcupine quill We had a jolly good dinner. And we teased George so that he couldnt eat any dinner. Sade and Ell rode the horses up from the field. Sade fell off her horse.

Home. April 19.
Sadie and I went down to Sides after supper last night and Charlie come over. and we carried on high. After we went up stairs Charlie got an old sword and come running in our rooms and scared Sade. I laughed until I was weak. Oh the way Sadie did carry on. In the night Flora got the clock which was an illumed faced clock and she held it close to Sade’s face and I punched Sadie and when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was the white face if this clock. Then early this morning the alarm went off and that scared her nearly out of her senses. We had lots of fun this morning this afternoon we left Side’s at two oclock and went to Butlers a little while and then Flo and Sadie and I went to Geoffreys and from there we come home we got home at a few minutes after six Well Wehrle was here we walked around and talked a little then. Then went down to call on Sadie Geary. We had lots of fun this evening. Will went up on the train.

April 20
Beccie and Mr J H and L O Sutherland and myself went to church this morning and we went again this evening. I went with L.O. and Charlie was there I told L.O. if he would please excuse me he might go home by him self. He said that was all right.

April 21.
We didnt wash today the gentlemen have gone. J H went to Blairsville and L.O. to Homer. I got a letter from Dice today. I have been expecting a letter from Sallie for a long time but have not got it yet. Will Wehrle brought me down a book on Saturday the name of it is Romola.

April 22.
We didnt wash today. I churned this morning this evening Mr L.O. Sutherland come just before the train came and J H come on the train Halsey come up and we got to acting the fool and we just put in a jolly time. I got a lot more cards from simple big Ellsworth Gerhard today.

April 23.
Beccie washed today I got dinner and scrubbed the porches and swept the yard a little. I got a letter from Sallie today she starts for here on Thursday morning (tomorrow) so she will be her tomorrow noon.

April 24.
We were up early this morning Beccie went out to meet Sallie. she is real pretty and very quiet I think I will like her very much. Liz and Ella Duncan were here this evening. Mr L O Sutherland is going away tomorrow and not coming back. I am awfully sorry.

April 25.
Beccie and I ironed this morning this evening we were home all evening.
April 26.
We baked pies and cakes today this evening Beccie Mr Sutherland Sallie and I started to take a walk and met Sadie Bell and Sadie Geary. when we come home Em Sarver Julia and Meal Lickert and Lizzie C were here. then Halsey and Al Lickert and Blair George come up with their violins and we had music but we adjourned early and went to bed.

April 27.
It was very warm today the thermometer was to eighty We went to the woods and took two field glasses along and Sallie and I went for mountain tea and met a snake. Sallie run and I hit it with a stone and when it began to wiggle I run to and the last I saw of it it was crawling down the bank in a hurry.

April 28.
We washed today I got a letter from Will and one from Bent today was at home this evening.

April 29.
We began to clean house today. We cleaned two rooms. I was at a party at Landfairs tonight Charlie and I drove over there was auite a crowd there went out driving with Clark in Halseys buggy and the trace broke. Halsy had to ride the horse home and Edna come home in a spring wagon They tried to stick her in with her Charlie and I but I told Charl if he took her home I would come home in the wagon. We got home before two.

April 30.
We cleaned one room today and part of another one. There was no prayer meeting tonight. They have the church ready for frescoe painters who are to come next week.

Black Lick May 1. 1884.
It is very warm today we cleaned two rooms today. was at home all evening. Ella Duncan was up. Sam Brady come here this evening to stay all night. I met him last July at Marion and like him very much.

May 2. 1884.
We didnt do any cleaning today but read up a little. This evening Sadie Bell and Sadie Geary Mr Sutherland and my self went fishing we had lots of fun, but didnt catch one fish Mr S. caught a crab. One of the frescoe painters come today a young fellow by the name of Kennedy.

May 4. 1884.
It rained hard all morning I did’nt go to Sunday School and this afternoon Mr S. and I took a book and went to the woods above the pond and read a while then this evening there was no prayer meeting. There was a little thunder storm tonight. I like Mr Kennedy real well.

May 5. 1884.
We washed today and this afternoon Beccie and I ironed. I got a package of satin patches from Bent Barr tonight for my crazy cushion. Got a letter from Will Wehrle this morning. It rained hard this evening.

May 6. 1884.
Rained nearly all day today. I was down at Gearys this evening. I got some pink satin this evening for a hat crown I intend working it with lavendar.

May 7.
It rained all day again today. We cleaned the hall today and the closets in mothers room and the dining room. I stamped my hat crown and worked a little on it tonight. It is the letter B. with with a spray of forget-me-nots on each side. with green leaves I think it will be pretty when its done.

May 8.
We cleaned the dining room today I churned this morning and this afternoon I wrote a letter then sewed carpet rags until supper time. This evening Liz C. and Ella D. and Ollie B. and Bec Sallie Het and I all went over to see the church. The ceiling is done it looks very nice not like the same church. I finished my hat crown tonight It is pretty.

May 9. 1884.
I got dinner and baked three cakes this afternoon. This evening I went down to see Lidie Pierce got a letter from Dice today.

May 10. 1884.
I churned this morning this afternoon I sewed carpet rags. This evening Het and Liz and I went fishing. Charlie Sides come up the rail road and stopped and fished awhile a while with us but we did’nt catch any thing. Ellsworth Gerhart is at home. I didnt see him but Beccie did. Charlie come home with us.

May 11. 1884.
I was not at church this morning. This afternoon Sallie + Beccie + Mr Sutherland Sadie Geary Halsey and I all walked up to the chapel. We met Ellsworth Gerhart he and I walked down together I was at church tonight Charl and I walked down street and met Sade and Ellsworth we all walked up the rail road a piece. We had lots of fun.

May 12. 1884.
We washed this morning this afternoon Pa got Meldrens spring wagon and took Beccie and Sallie and I to Blairsville. We brought Alice Morehouse out with us. This evening we all took a walk and had lots of fun. Bob Stewert come here to board this week he is a real nice quiet fellow. Got a letter from Will this evening

May 13. 1884.
It was a nice morning and I churned and got dinner Beccie was over helping to clean the church. This afternoon it rained hard all afternoon and evening I was at home all evening. I got a letter from Bent this evening.

May 14. 1884.
It was cold but nice all day today I ironed some this morning this afternoon I didnt do any thing in particular. Sadie Geary was here a little while this evening. I was at home all evening. Sallie and I are going away two weeks from today on the 28th I think. We will be in Bellefonte on Decoration day, then leave there on the second of June.

May 15. 1884.
Sallie got a letter from Lynch today and he said he was sick and wanted her to start right away. He sent a letter with money on Tuesday but Sallie has never got it yet I have my trunk packed and am all ready to start as soon as Sallie gets her letter. I suppose we will go tomorrow evening.

May 16. 1884.
We were busy all day this after noon I went down to bid Sadie G. good by and all the girls. We got to Altoona at nine oclock and come up to Aunt Mand’s. I forgot to wear my rings I left them at home on the wash stand.

I weigh 101 lbs.
May 17. 1884
Bellefonte Centre County.
We left Altoona this morning at 7.25 and got here at ten. I like all of Longs folks very much. This afternoon Sallie and Mollie Long and Edith McAbe and I were out walking This is a lively place. We leave here on Monday Morning at ten oclock.

Bellefonte. May 18.
We went to church this morning and this afternoon we took a walk This evening we went to church again and after church we came right home I am dreadfully tired.
Roanoke Vir.

May 20.
Monday morning we left Bellefonte at ten oclock and made connection at Harrisburg. The scenery is lovely down the cu Cumberland Valley road. I noticed a great many log houses. along the way. We run into quite a storm between Harrisburg and Hagerstown. We changed cars at Hagerstown and come down through the Shenandoah Valley. We traveled all night did’nt get here until 4.40 this morning. Lynch was not expecting us until this evening. The house is very small only two rooms in it. And dirty Oh it was awful. We cleaned up a little today not very much though. We were out walking this evening. This is a nice big town and I am sure I wont get home sick. Mr Hodges Lynch’s helper was here this morning. Mr Steele was here this evening He is a mighty stylish look little fellow. but he is horrid ugly. Yet I think I would like him. I wrote three letters today one to Beccie + one to Sadie Geary and one to Will Wehrle. I am going to write to Charlie and Bent tomorrow evening. I cannot help but think that one year from today Jim McElwain died Poor Jim I cant help but think of him.

Roanoke May 21.
We cleaned house today scrubbed two rooms and put down a carpet. I sat in the door a few minutes this evening and there was about fifty niggers went past just while I was there. I went to pull a tack out of the carpet today and the old thing flew up and hit me in the eye making an ugly red mark on my eye ball. We have the house pretty well read up now. We did not go out any place this evening. It was just one year today May 22. since Harry Altman died. Poor Harry he was a noble fellow. One of God’s noble men.
Roanoke. May 22.
We didnt do much of any thing today I wrote a letter to Charlie Sides today. Sallie and I were up town this afternoon. This evening we went into Mrs Caswells and had a pleasant time. It was awfully hot here today I cannot help but think if it is as hot here now what will it be in the middle of summer. The roses here are out in bloom. Harry Steele was here this evening he brought Sallie and I each a big piece of cake that he had got from his home in Lancaster. Pa. I am mashed on him. Dear me I wish I would get a letter from my dear old Sadie Geary. I like these people here splendidly. They are awfully nice and friendly. We had ice cream up at Mrs Caswells this evening.

Roanoke May 23.
We didnt do much of any thing today. We were not out any place this evening. I have met a Mr Hodges and Mr Steele and another young fellow whose name I cant think of just now. We had ice cream this evening but I didnt think it was very good as the cream was not rich enough.

Roanoke May 24.
We didnt do much of any thing this afternoon this morning we baked a cake and some pies. This evening we went up street after we come back Harry Steele come in and we had a good time. It rained today hard.

Roanoke May 25.
We went to Methodist church this morning this afternoon Harry Steele come down and we went for a walk. We saw two niggers a man and woman making love to each other the woman was sitting on his knee and he had his arm around her squeezing her for dear life This evening Mr McQuead and Mr Miller come in. Harry was here and we had a jolly time I laughed u until my sides are sore. I wrote to Bent this evening

May 26. 1884.
I began to make a crazy patch today. We intended to wash but Mr Wertz didnt send the tubs down. I met him on Saturday evening he is awfully nice. We were not out any place this evening It rained.

May 27.
I am neary done with my crazy patch. Sallie got two quart of cherries this afternoon and her and Lynch and I eat them all. Lynch and I went to the opera house to a minstrel troup this evening and as the entertainment was almost over a storm come up and we left as soon as we heard the thunder. just as we got out it began to rain and we went down to Christ Wertz’es in the rain and Crist loaned us his umbrella. I got a letter from Will Wehrle this evening I was rather disappointed at not receiving one from Beccie or Sadie Geary. Lynch said Harry Steele had^ got a piece of steel in his hand today. I thought he would be up this afternoon but he was’nt I am mashed on him.

Roanoke May 28.
We washed today but didnt all of our clothes out on account of the rain. Harry was here this afternoon a while We were up street this evening. I got a letter from Sadie Geary and one from Beccie today they were very welcome.

Roanoke May 29
Sallie put out the rest of the clothes this morning this afternoon I ironed a little. We are going over to the river to fish on Saturday. Lewis Hodges Harry Steele Lynch Sallie Alice Wilson and myself. Sallie and I were up street this evening.

May 30.
This is Decoration day there is nothing going on here I guess they dont keep it in the South. We finished ironing this morning and we baked a lot of cakes for the fishing excursion We were up to Caswells this evening.

May 31.
We had a good time today we walked over to the river and fished awhile. Then we ate our dinner after dinner Harry and I went over to the other side of the river and Lynch and Sallie and Lewis stayed in the boat and fished. They had the boat nearly all afternoon then when Harry and I got it we kept it until evening We had lots of fun and Sallie caught one small eel. Mr and Mrs Hanard teased us good after we got home. Mr H. said the reason we could’nt catch any fish was that we eat to much and got to lazy to fish.

Roanoke June 1.
It was so warm this morning that I did not care to go to church John McQuade and Dan Miller and some other fellow I forget his name was here this morning. Harry come over after dinner and we went out walking Harry and I. Lynch and Sallie eat to much dinner and were both to sleepy to go. This evening we went up to the Rorer Park and sat and talked a while then come home. Harry was here until twelve oclock.

June 2.
I was sick all morning Sallie washed this morning and I read up the house and got dinner. After dinner we ironed and got all done. We were up street this evening and Mr Mitchell (one of the clerks at Mr Wertz’s who I am mashed on) treated us to candy and talked and was very kind to us. We were up at Caswells and had ice cream this evening.

June 3. 1884
I finished my crazy patch today. This afternoon I went up street and got three yards of lace and three hand kerchiefs. We were at the firemans fair this evening. I got four letters today one from Beccie one from Sadie one from Charlie and one from Dice.

June 4.
This morning Mrs Caswell and Mrs Uber and myself were at the Baptist church to see a couple married The bride was dressed in a black bunting and a jersey jacket and black hat and lace around her neck The groom wore the usual black broad cloth they looked very nice. I wrote some letters this afternoon This evening we were at the fair. I have not saw Harry since Sunday. I met Mr Mitchell up street this evening he bowed and smiled.
June 5.
I didnt do any thing in particular today I went to the fair this evening with Mrs Huber and Mrs Caswell Mrs McCoy and Mrs Hanard. Sallie said she would be up as soon as Lynch come home from the rer river where he had gone with Mr Huber to set an outline. Sallie didnt come but Harry Steele had been here and he come up and brought me home. He asked me to go to the Luray with him on the 14th of this month I guess I will go. But first I will have to see what Lynch says about it.

June 6.
Did’nt do any thing today. Lynch and Sallie says for me to go with Harry by all means. Dan Miller and Charlie Highlig was here this evening.

June 7.
Did’nt do any thing in particular today Harry was here this evening until after eleven. I do wonder why Bent dont write I wrote to him just after I got here. and have never heard from him yet. Harry and I are going over to see the transfer table tomorrow.

June 8.
It was rather late when we got up this morning. We did’nt go to church. It thundered and looked so much like rain this evening that I would’nt go out when Harry come over for me. We went up street this evening Alice Wilson + Harry + I. We had ice cream and cake. then took a promenade then come back home.

June 9.
It rained hard today. Was in the house all day. This evening we were into Caswells a little while then come home.

June 10.
Sallie washed this morning. this afternoon we seeded cherries This evening Lynch went to the office and brought me three letters one from Beccie one from Sadie and one from Charlie How welcome are letters from dear friends at home. Harry was here a little while he gota cake from home and brought us each down a piece. We had ice cream this evening.

June 11.
We didnt do any thing in particular today. This afternoon we went up street and paid all the store bills and every thing Lynch owed. I was weighed today and weigh 101½ lbs. I have just gained ½ pound since I come here. Harry took me to the opera house tonight to see the Two Orphans It was grandly beautiful. I was at the post office this morning got a letter from Will Wehrle.

June 12.
We ironed this morning this after noon I wrote some letters one to Sadie one to Beccie and one to Charlie. I was at the office this evening got a letter from Sallie and Het. It has rained every day this week.

June 13.
I worked at a crazy patch today. It is going to look very pretty. Harry was down a while this evening.

June 14.
Well may we exclaim “wonderful are the works of God” Any one after seeing the wonderful cave at Luray will wonder still more at the works of God. The cave was one of the greatest and grandest curiosities ever I saw. I cannot describe it so I will not try. But as I think about it I can see it all over again. We left here at seven this morning got back at half past eleven. The distance is one hundred and fifty miles. We got there at half past twelve and left at six. Am very tired and sleepy.

June 15.
I got up this morning at half past eight eat my breakfast and helped do up the work I swept the room and then went up stairs to make the beds. I was so sleepy that I threw my self on the bed and went to sleep and the next thing I heard Sallie was calling me to dinner. I wrote to Het and Sallie and to Will Wehrle this afternoon. Harry was over this evening. He makes me tired. It rained today all day.

June 16.
This turned out to be a nice day. It was very dark and cloudy this morning we didnt wash. Sallie and I was up street this morn afternoon To the freight depot the carpet has not come yet. But will be here tomorrow.

June 17.
We washed today. this afternoon we went to the freight depot the carpet was there Charles. (Mr Wertz’s nigger driver) brought it down for us. in it was my dress and rings and one dollar. I got a letter from Charlie today.

June 18.
I did’nt do any thing in particular today I got a letter from Dice and one from Sadie G. this evening it was very warm today.

June 19.
I got a postal from Mother today she said she sent me a jersey that she got for Sallie but it was to big for her. I did not get the jersey yet though. I had a half a dozen photo graphs taken today cabinet sized I think they will be good.

June 20.
I got a letter from Beccie and one from Bent Barr today I got the jersey this evening it is red and fits me nicely.

June 21.
It was fearful hot today I have gorged my self with ice water and ice cream all evening and still am nearly boiled I got one of my pictures today the rest are not done yet. Lord but its hot. I weigh 102.

June 22.
I was at church this morning Its awful warm today I wrote to Mother and Beccie today. There was a dreadful thunder storm this evening. it cooled the air considerable.

June 23.
Sallie washed today. I was up at the office this afternoon but got no mail we were over at Caswells w this evening. Alice and I went into camps store and got weighed I weigh 102 lbs. and Alice 111 lbs. Had lots of fun at Caswells with Mr Dickson he is a widower and is the biggest fool ever I saw.

June 24.
Sallie was sick with the cramp all day. I made six glasses of dew berry jelly this morning. it got awful nice I was up to the store this morning and this afternoon I went to the post office and got two letters one from Sadie and one from Charlie. I got my pictures this v after noon they are good. Harry Steel was here this evening his brother was very badly hurt on the rail road he is going home tomorrow.

June 25.
We ironed today and this afternoon I went to the post office and got a letter from J.H. Sutherland. I got a postal from Beccie this evening she is in Illinois.

June 26.
Did’nt do any thing in particular today I wrote some letters and sent some of my pictures away. I sent Hettie and Sadie one and Charlie one. I have not heard from Will Wehrle this week yet I wonder why he dont write. I have dreamed so much about him of late. I wonder if he can be sick He surely must be or he would have written before this.

June 27.
Didnt do any thing in particular this morning. only helped Sallie put down the carpet up stairs. This afternoon Mrs Hayward and Dice and Sallie and I all went over to the river for berries we had splendid fun. I laughed until I was nearly sick at Mrs H. climbing the mountain.

June 28.
I went up to the store this morning and this afternoon we were at Caswells. We are all so tired today that we can scarcely navigate. Mrs Hayward says her legs and her back is nearly broke Alice had cramp in her legs so bad last night that she had to get up and rub them with bay rum. I am so tired today. We were up to Mr Wertzes store this evening. Mr Mitchell treated us to frenc caramels. Mr Wertz was awfully jolly. Harry was here this evening a little while. He is coming over this evenin tomorrow evening and bring another fellow with him.

June 29.
It rained nearly all day. Mr McQuaid was here this evening Harry was down and brought Mr Myers. He is a very pretty young fellow and is much nicer and more intelligent than Harry Steel and if I can I intend making a mash on him. Harry or no Harry.

June 30.
It rained today nearly all day. I was not out any place only to the post office I got a letter from Bent today.

Roanoke. July 1.
It rained hard all day. I got four letters today one from Sadie. one from Charlie one from Flora S. and one from Will Wehrle.

July 2. 1884.
Rain again for a change. Was up at Mr Wertzes store today but Mr Mitchell was not in and I didnt get to see him. I was at Caswells this afternoon had lots of fun.

July 3. 1884.
Well it did’nt rain for a wonder. And I hope it will be a nice day tomorrow there are to be some fun going on. The firemen have a big parade. It was awfully warm today.

July 4. 1884.
One year ago today I was in Marion Pa. and little did I think on that day that in another year I would be in Roanoke Va. I had a very nice time seeing the parade today but had no fun after that. I have enjoyed my self in a very quiet way today. and have perhaps had more fun than I would had I been some place else. It was cool and nice all fornoon but it began to rain about three oclock and rained steady until after seven. The fire works was a wonder to the virginians and niggers who had never seen any thing of the like but to us they were nothing all they had was common fire crackers. roman candles and large rockets they were all one color. So it was nothing grand. Its the greatest wonder in the world but Harry was not down this evening. I got a good long letter from Het today.

July 5. 1884.
We didnt do any thing in particular today. We went up to Caswells this evening. and were there a little while and Dan Miller come down. We come down home and sat out by the door all evening. We had lots of fun. I had a letter from Beccie today she is enjoying herself in Illinois.

July 6. 1884.
We went for mulberries today. Lynch and Sallie Dan Miller and I. We had a jolly old time. walked about six miles. We got mul berries black berries and huckle berries and green apples and lots of other things. flowers and four leaf clovers I like Dan very much. He is a great big fellow. larger than Lynch.

July 7. 1884.
Lynch was sick all night last night he did’nt go to work this morning Sallie and I teased him all day about it. I guess Harry is mad at me. He come down last night and Dan was here. Sallie went up to Caswells and got some ice cream and we had some chocolate cake and we sat and talked and laughed a while after we got through with our cream. and all at once Harry jumped up and took his hat and started out the door and then he looked back and said “I’m going home now good night.” and that was the last we saw of him. Well I am not sorry.

July 8. 1884.
We washed today and this afternoon I went to the office I got a letter from Charlie one from Sadie and one from Ellsworth. I didnt do any thing in particular this afternoon. The mosquitoes bite awful tonight. When I got my letters today and read them all I seemed almost as though we were all together again.

Roanoke July 9.
We ironed today. And this afternoon Sallie and I worked at a quilt. We were not out any place this evening. Mr Mitcher is very sick with fever of some kind poor fellow. I am so sorry.

July 10.
I baked a ginger bread this morning and Sallie baked some pies we served this afternoon. Lynch went over to He the river tonight with Mr Huber Sallie and I were at Caswells a while and then come down and went to bed. or are ready to go.

July 11.
We got up early this tonight morning and got breakfast over and went for berries Mrs Huber + Mrs Hayward Sallie and I. We got caught in a hard rain but we got about ten quart a piece. We had lots of fun. We went into an old fellows field we were going to cross it and when we were about half through the old fellow yelled at us. he said, “Whar you goin” Mrs Huber said to the river. He says “that aint the road come out of that.” so we got out We didnt tell Lynch because he would make fun of us. Sallie and I must have made Harry mad for he has not been down since Sunday.

Roanoke Virginia
July 12. 1884.
I made jelly today made nineteen glasses. I went to the post office this after noon but got no mail Dan Miller and Johnny McQuaid was here this evening We had ice cream and water melon. We had lots of fun. Johnny is the funniest fellow ever I seen. I am mashed on Dan Miller completely gone on him. I saw Jim Myers this evening. Harry was not down tonight. I guess he is mad

July 13. 1884.
I was not at church this morning. This afternoon I was in the house all the time. Dan was over this evening and we went out for a walk Dan was here until twelve oclock. Mrs Huber Mrs Caswell Mrs Hanard Sallie and my self are going for berries in the morning. Dan and Lynch and Sallie and I are going on Wednesday, if it dont rain.

July 14. 1884.
We got up real early this morning and were over in the berry patch two milles from town when the seven oclock whistle blew We got twelve quarts of berries. and two quarts of huckle berries. We had lots of fun. Got a letter from Bent this evening.

July 15
We washed today. this afternoon we made jam. I got a postal from Will Wehrle today. Their baseball club that he belongs to (Magentas) are in the north western part of Penna playing ball. They played in Titusville on Friday the sore was Magentas 5 Titusville 3. They play oi Oil City on Saturday.

July 16 1884.
We did’nt get started for berries until after seven this morning. We took a lunch with us and stayed nearly all day. We got 24 quart of br black berries and Dan and I gathered two quart of huckle berries. We had lots of fun. Got a letter from Will Wehrle today they didn’t play in Oil City on account of rain. They intended playing in Meadville on Monday.
July 17.
We ironed today. Sallie had a letter from mother yesterday saying Mrs Pierce had twins. I was never so surprised in my life. We squeezed out our berries for wine tonight. Dan was here and helped squeeze. We had lots of fun. I painted Dans face with juice and he got after me to paint mine but I coaxed him not to. He didn’t stay long after the berries were squeezed. I had a postal from Will today they played in Meadville on Monday and got beat. The score was Meadville 11. Magentas 6. Will says their club has the worst luck this season of any that travels. I think the Magentas are getting discouraged. They play Oil City next.

July 18.
We put our wine in the keg this morning I was at the office this morning I got a letter from Dice and a postal from Will. Oil City beat them. The score was Oil City 11 Magentas 6. I went out and took a walk this afternoon I got a postal from Will this afternoon The Magentas were beaten again in NewCastle. Score 13 and 6 in favor of NewCastle. I am sorry they have had such bad luck. Will didnt say where they would play their next game.

July 19. 1884.
We were up street this afternoon and went to the bank and got Lynches check cashed then we paid off all the bills and went into some of the stores and bought some things.Sallie got some flannels and muslin for the expected heir of this manor. I made a mash on a Mr Woodson. he is cross eyed in one eye Dan was here this evening he stayed until 1 P.M. when he got up to go I said why it aint late yet and he said no it was real early Then when I saw what time it was I told him I would not ask him to stay any longer. I like Dan ever so much.

July 20.
Didnt do anything today Harry Steele was here a few minutes this afternoon I treated him pretty cool. This evening Mrs Hayward and Mrs Huber Sallie Lynch and I walked over to the hospital I didn’t know last night we were going or I would have told Dan to come over and go with us.

July 21.
I helped Sallie wash today and this afternoon I worked embroidery There was a fire this afternoon a stable burned down. We were not out anywhere this evening. Got a postal from Will this eve. They were bead in Youngstown Ohio.

July 22.
I didnt do any thing but work embroidery today. Dan was over this evening. I find him wonderfully entertaining Time seems to fly unusually fast while he is here It was after one when he left tonight. One fault I find with him is that in spite of all you say or do he will turn down the light. I got three letters today from Sadie Charl and Ellsworth.

July 23.
We didnt do any thing but work fancy work today I went to sleep this afternoon and nearly sweat myself away. Lynch and Dan went over to the river to swim this evening Sallie and I helped Mrs Hayward squeeze berries for wine. I ti I told Dan it was not fair for him and Lynch to go off and make us do all the squeezing he said he would be back in time to squeeze a little but we were all done when they got back. We had a splendid big water melon it was awful good. Dan left at 12.

July 24.
Sallie and I ironed this morning. This has been the hottest day we have had yet and its just terrible hot tonight.

July 25.
Mr Duncan from home was here today he brought Sal down to Sagerstown M.d. and then he come on down here to see the town. He says he is going to send Pa down as soon as he goes back.

July 26.
Didnt do any thing in particular today I was up street today and got me a cheese cloth dress. I am going to make it next week. Dan was here this evening he left at twelve

July 27.
Lynch and I went to church this morning we met Mr Mitchell and Mr Bright This evening Dan was over and we took a walk then come home. Dan stayed until 12.

July 28.
I went up street this afternoon. I was at the store Mr Mitchell waited on me he was very pleasant. Mr Emunds the new clerk in Hartzes is too stiff backed.

July 29.
finished my dress today it looks nice I made a plain waist and straight skirt shirred on the waist. We were at Caswells a while today I got two letters one from Charl + one from Ellsworth. The mosquitoes are eating me up.

July 30
Mrs Huber + Mrs Hayward Mrs Robinson and my self all went over to the hospital after berries this afternoon we didnt get back until after six this evening. Dan was here tonight. He stayed until after twelve. I like him immensely

July 31.
We ironed this morning this afternoon I wrote some letters and took to the office this evening I was up to Caswells Mr Caswell has the Maleria fever. He is real bad with it.
h J

Roanoke Va Aug 1.
Didnt do any thing in particular today. I baked some cookies and worked embroidery that is all. Was up at Caswells this evening I like Alice Wilson awfully much.

August 2.
I went up to the store and machine office this morning. And this afternoon I went to the post office I got a letter from Sade G. this morning. I didnt get any for myself this afternoon The clerk said he would have me one this evening if he had to write it himself. Dan was here this evening he stayed until 1.

August 3.
We didnt go to church this morning as it was so very warm. Lynch and Dan went to the river this afternoon. This evening Dan and I went out walking Dan gave me one of his photo’s this evening it is a cabinet but not very good I wrote to Sadie today.

August 4.
I helped Sallie to wash this morning this afternoon I sewed at my dress. This evening we went up to Caswells and had lots of fun.

Aug 5.
We ironed today I finished my dress today I was at the office today and got three letters one from Charlie one from Ellsworth and one from Will Wehrle. Had lots of fun with the clerk at the post office.

Aug 6.
I went up to the store this morning Mr Mitchell waited on me he was very pleasant, he always is. I got a letter from Dice today just such a good long letter as she used to write Dan was here this evening we were out walking then he come in and stayed until half past twelve I am getting very much in love with Dan. I wonder what would poor old Charl say if he knew I like Dan better than I do him. Ah well neither Dan nor Charlie must ever know it.

Aug 7
I made my self a new cheese cloth waist the other was to tight and bursted. I worked embroidery today. was ot out any where this evening.

August 8.
Was at home all day I worked embroidery This ripped my red Jersey a little was up the back seam and put a bow of satin ribbon on it I done that because it was to tight around the bottom I read a splendid book today by Miss Murlock John Halifax Gentleman. Lynch says Dan was sick today he thinks he is taking fever. I hope not.

Aug. 9.
Didnt do anything in particular today. Dan was here this evening he is feeling alright again. It rained awfully tonight.

Aug 10.
It rained today so I didnt go to church. I didnt do much of any thing today we didnt get up until after nine. Dan was here this evening We are going over to a nigger settlement called Old Lick some evening soon.

Aug 11.
It looked so for rain this morning that we didnt wash It rained this evening.

Aug 12.
We didnt wash today. Mr Huber is is putting a fence between his lot and Caswells so we will be all boarded in. Dan and I took our stroll this evening we went about three miles and Oh the niggers. I never saw the like in my life. We had a very pleasant time.
Aug 13.
We washed today I wrote a letter this afternoon. This evening Sallie and I were at Caswells I went up street with Mrs Hayward met two gentlemen Mr Hickey and Mr Rossen. After we come back Alice Wilson and I went over to the dancing platform where I met Mr Ike Miller Dans brother. Ever so many fellows asked us to dance but we would’nt do it. but Oh we had fun.

Aug 14. 1884.
We ironed this morning This afternoon I went over to New Town to call on a lady whom I used to know in Altoona. She is Mrs Kuhns now she used to be Junie Greene. She was glad to see me and envited me to a picnic on Saturday. Dan was here this evening. We went out for a walk then come home and talked awhile. Dan did’nt stay very long.

Aug 15. 1884.
Junie told me yesterday I didn’t need to bake any thing for the picnic but I thought it would look kind of funny if I didnt so am now engaged in baking a chocolate cake. I will take it over to Kuhns this evening and let Junie put it in her basket. I went over but didnt take the cake. Junie said she would put it with hers.

Aug 16.
I went over to Kuhns about half past seven and we didnt get started until nine There was two wagon loads and a carriage load we had lots of fun. I don’t remember the names of near all that I met. I met a Sarah Wilson I dont know whether she is married or single. A Miss Gorden two Miss Hoovers. Miss Stephen Miss Ward and a whole parcel of other girls whose names I dont remember. The gentlemen were W Mr Gallinay Mr Hoover Mr Camp bell Mr Mack Mr Burk Mr Ballyhac Mr Tinker and quite a lot more. but I forget them. I made a mash on Mr Gallinay I danced ever so many sets with him he is rather old bald and grey but dances well. We had a splendid time old the fiddlers they took out were drunk and the men went to Salem and got three nigger fiddlers in the mean time we danced to the music of an accordean and a banjo. Dan was here when I come home. I had a letter from Beccie today.

Aug 17.
I was to tired to go to church t so I slept all day. Dan and I took a walk this evening I wrote to Beccie today.

Aug 18.
We washed today I didnt do any thing this evening I was not out any where.

Aug 19.
This was pay day I was up street to the bank this afternoon to get Lynches check cashed. There is a circus here tomorrow Dan and I are going in the after noon. I am neary through with my first book for this year and will now begin another one which I hope will have accounts of as much fun as thas one has. Tra La

To my chum. As a friend I wish that in each and every undertaking in life meet with success. And in choosing friends and assosiates may you ever be guided by a higher power than your own. And may it never be your bitter lot to be deceived by those in whom you have placed your trust. May the golden pleasures

[And there it ends.]  Return to Introduction

Kate’s 1884 Diary – Introduction

Kate J. Gardner, my great-grandmother, was 19 years old when she began this diary January 1, 1884.  (See genealogy below.)  I received the book from my mother when she was moving from one place to another and wanted me to keep some heirlooms safe for her.  It sat on a shelf with a few other ancient volumes for ten years before I even tried to read a page.  The cover is leather on cardboard.  The pages are ledger lined and bound with string.  It measures about 9 cm by 15 cm by 1.3 cm in thickness, or 3 1/2 x 6 x 1/2 inches.  In fact, the photo of the brownish cover, below, below the photo, shows up actual size on my computer screen.

Kate J. Gardner, right, with her son Richard Ivan Miller holding his daughter Dorothy Mae Miller, about summer 1926 assuming Dorothy to be a little over a year old

I transcribed this diary to a publishable form because it needs to be read, and the original, fragile bound writing book cannot safely or practically be passed around to as many people as need to see it.

This book is not fiction.  It is real.  Every word from the diary is here (in the posts that follow), and only the words from the diary, including the errors Kate Gardner made in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and so forth.  If I have succeeded as I had hoped, then each scan of a pair of pages in her own hand is accompanied by a transcription of the text on those same pages.

I transcribed it, also, because some pages are so faint that they could barely be photocopied or scanned, and to present the diary as mere scans would have made the reading tedious and more daunting than it is while reading from the original paper.  I am confident that I have captured every word she wrote.  Some words required a few moments of serious study before I realized what they were, so faint has some of her writing become over time, (and may have faded further as I have had it open so much).  It needs to be read by every one of Kate Gardner’s descendents and by anyone else, studying American history perhaps, who is interested in the historical footnote it offers.

After letting it sit for about ten years, I finally read it.  I was immediately impressed by her penmanship and her obvious formal education.  While she usually used “come” for “came” and “done” for “did” and had a few more colloquialisms like that, she almost consistently spelled “too” correctly when usage called for that spelling (at least for the first few months, then she grew lazy and left off the second ‘o’ consistently); words such as “congestion,” “masquerade,” “frescoe,” and “navigate” are sprinkled effortlessly through her work.  I even had to look one up, when, on July 29 she wrote of how she had “shirred” something while sewing.

Whenever I read her words I’m inclined to breeze right along, the somewhat speedy reader that I am, but I am reminded, looking at her script, that these pages were written slowly — slowly in order to be legible, which obviously mattered for its own sake, but not so slowly as to be grammatically perfect or formal.  This diary is informal and personal.

It strikes me as not a little remarkable that, among my mother and her four siblings, she obtained the diary, then I.  But it is equally remarkable that Kate, and then perhaps her son and daughter-in-law (my mother’s parents) kept it safe for over fifty years, until she died in 1935, and didn’t destroy or otherwise bequeath it during that time.

Written with a quill and inkwell, my great grandmother’s script is elegant.  It also contains some interesting quirks.  She only occasionally ended a sentence with a period, although it’s likely that I missed a few due to the faintness of the writing.  Her capital letters, used correctly most of the time, are exquisite.  She only occasionally used an apostrophe in a contraction, and then usually before the ‘n’, not after it.  Either may have been in vogue.  I found one place (August 3) where she inserted an apostrophe in a plural: photo’s.

Her name is written in the same faint, fine quill on the tan leather cover of the book, but so faintly that I didn’t discover it until I had been reading it for several days.  Beneath her name, Black Lick is visible, and below that, I believe Pennsylvania is spelled out.  It’s invisible on the photo below.  There is some more writing toward the bottom of the front cover, but unless there is a forensic technique to make it stand out, it will never more be discernible.

Diary cover

After my first reading of the beginning of the diary, after encountering Black Lick and other place names, including Homer City and Hollidaysburg, I looked them up on the Internet and then went immediately to an atlas to see where in Pennsylvania they lay — a few miles east of Pittsburgh in some pleasantly hilly terrain.  Black Lick and Homer City are still mere hamlets as America measures settlements.  I didn’t know until making this search for their collective names that Black Lick was in Pennsylvania nor that that was where Kate had lived for some substantial time after she was born.  It’s interesting, I suppose, that her place of birth is given as Blair, Pennsylvania.  It is unclear whether this means Blair Township or Blair County.  The county includes the city of Altoona and, remarkably, also the townships of Woodbury and North Woodbury.  Hollidaysburg is in Blair County, but Black Lick and Homer City are further west in nearby Indiana County.

The first two pages were written in pencil.  Then Kate — or someone else trying to be helpful — went over it with a quill afterward, and it’s still legible.

In transcribing the diary, I chose to retain every idiosyncrasy I possibly could.  She started out writing that it is “Dictated” to her dearest friends, but I believe she meant to write that it was “Dedicated” to them.  I’ve retained her spellings (with the rare mistake, such as “bigest” for “biggest” and her lapses in capitalization, a lower case letter on a word following a period, “papa” for “Papa”).

I created a PDF edition to mimic the font that resembles her script, what I could call my enhanced version.  To distinguish it from the plain text version I retained, to a faithful degree, the same words per page that she had written.  It may seem like a hokey result, but it gives everyone the chance to see it as she saw it herself, at least in her mind’s eye: elegant script on white paper.  This PDF file can be obtained by contacting me.

I painstakingly retained the original errors.  Look, for instance, at March 30, then at April 2.  At the top of the page on April 2 she wrote ‘home’ and crossed it out.  At the top of the page on March 30 she wrote it again and didn’t cross it out.  When she wrote it at the top of April 2, she was merely putting down the last word of her entry for March 29 but had obviously turned two leaves in the book when she intended to turn one.

At one point she clearly wrote “auite” for “quite,” and I retained it, but I think the tail of the ‘q’ was truncated when the quill hit a snag in the paper or swooped down and back so quickly that no ink flowed in the loop.  I found another couple of examples almost like it but there was a rudimentary tail on each of them, so I gave them credit for being ‘q’.  At another point she repeated the word “with” and I retained it.  She wrote “awhile a while” and I retained that as well.  She crossed out letters with a neat double line, which may or may not be replicated faithfully with the computer font you will see in the PDF version.

It surprises me, given her overall good spelling and her proximity to Pittsburgh that she dropped the ‘h’ from Pittsburg when she wrote it (Feb 3).  Among the few mistakes she made I found “envited” for “invited,” “awhile” instead of “a while,” “with” instead of “wish.”  I point out these examples just to make it clear that they are hers, not my errors in transcribing.

I’ve retained her precise style of writing the dates.  Early in January she slipped in a few 1883s but then went back to writing 1884 or ‘84, never bothering to correct the few dates that contained the mistake.  She repeated the word “is” once, on August 12, where it was the last word on one line and then the first word on the next.

It was difficult to tell whether she made a period at the end of a sentence.  For the first fifty days or so it seems she didn’t bother, but just when I’d think it had been omitted I’d find a tiny dot.  It was her habit, and perhaps she had been thus trained, to put the tiny, faint period just below the end of the last letter.  I may have missed a few, but look at the scans of some of her pages and you’ll see the challenge to find them.  In mid February she became more careful to include them, even after the “Feb.”  She also became more careful to add an apostrophe before the ‘n’ in contractions, but not consistently.  And the apostrophe does show up in the right place in a rare instance.


The diary runs from January 1 through August 19.  I found only two dates when she failed to write in her book: May 3 and May 19.  The last page is written in pencil, as was the first.  That’s one reason I suspect that the last page was written at the same time as the first, but there is another reason.  The first page is dedicated to “Myself + Chum.”  I first thought this said “Myself + Chums” — the faint extension after the final ‘m’ could be an ‘s’.  But the final page contains an inscription that starts: “To my Chum,” and on January 1 she writes that Sadie Geary is her chum and that they are each keeping a diary for the year.


There are 96 sheets in the little ledger book that became the diary.  August 19 fills the first side of the 96th sheet.  The inscription “To my Chum” covers the second side — but it ends abruptly in mid-thought: “May the golden pleasures”… I don’t know whether there were a few more pages (97-100?) which fell out, nor whether there were any subsequent diaries picking up where this one leaves off.  I rather doubt that either is the case.


Kate turned twenty on January 27, 1884, and this was the year when she met my great-grandfather Dan Miller, whom she introduces to her diary just as she was introduced to him.  (A “Mr Miller” first appears on May 25.)

It’s remarkable also to me that Kate, just as “kids” today, writes almost exclusively about herself and her “chums.”  Hardly any mention of her parents is made.  No description of the towns or the house she lived in; no mention of the outhouse (how cold it might have been).  She often speaks of doing chores — “I baked swept scrubbed churned and cleaned the lamps” — and regularly mentions going to prayers or singing.  It’s interesting, too, how many things that were features of her life are still common in ours: Groundhog Day, for instance, and sending valentines on Saint Valentine’s Day.  She talks often of Sadie Geary, and eventually I deduced that the Geary house was actually next door to the one Kate lived in in Black Lick, but perhaps a bit of a distance away, since she goes “down” to Sadie’s now and then.

Kate nearly always wrote in it in the evenings, apparently very late sometimes, and considering that she did so beginning January 1, she had to be doing it by lamplight.  There’s no mention of how large the house might have been, or how cold.  Did she write with gloves on with the book lying just against the base of an oil lamp?  Where did she squirrel it between writing sessions?  Who might have happened upon her from time to time as she was writing?

The diary is conspicuous for what else it omits: any mention of money or the price of things.  Some other omissions are more peculiar.  Kate often spent the night at her friend Sadie Geary’s house.  You’d think she’d write about their overnight conversations.  She seems taken with a certain Will Wehrle, for instance, hears Sadie say that she too is “mashed” over him, but when they get together soon afterward, she gives no hint whether they talked about him.  From time to time, Kate “put a mash on” some gentleman — and what did she mean by that?  My dictionary says: “to flirt with; court the affections of.”  She often says of whomever she was with that they talked and had “lots of fun.”  That seems to describe many of her soirées, but it still doesn’t describe her feelings.  She relates her chores and her comings and goings but little of her feelings over anything. She took a lot of walks with her favorite fellow, Charlie, but, apart from relating an occasional argument, she never says what they did or talked about while on their walks.

Yes, On March 21 she used “than” instead of “then.” On March 28 she used “Charley” instead of “Charlie.”  I point these out to assure the reader that, in transcribing, I did not inadvertently make the mistake; she did.

What is most special about this book is something she could not have known when she began it.  She chose to keep a diary for the year in which she met my great-grandfather.  Had she chosen an earlier year to do it, there would be no extant describetion of her encounter with him and her subsequent surrender.  The diary would be interesting but not nearly as special.

On May 20, 1884, Kate arrived in Roanoke, Virginia, by train, from Black Lick, Pennsylvania.  She went to spend some time with her brother, Lynch, a blacksmith who was three years older than she.  Dan Miller was evidently an acquaintance of her brother.  She confesses in her diary on August 6: “I am getting very much in love with Dan.”  Unfortunately it barely makes it past the date when she makes that confession, but the rest almost doesn’t need to be said.  On August 6, she goes on to say: “I wonder what would poor old Charl say if he knew I like Dan better than I do him.  Ah well neither Dan nor Charlie must ever know it.”  I wonder whether she remembered writing that after she had made her love public and married Dan.

It fusses me more than a little that the book necessarily suffered minor damage while I handled it over the course of several days.  It is now stored safely and needn’t be handled again except perhaps ceremoniously or in order to prove to some doubter that it actually exists.  This transcription is not fiction; this is not a novel.  I scanned the cover and some of the two-page spreads just to give general evidence of its authenticity.

About the names she uses: Sadie Geary is her “chum” — evidently her best friend (and next-door neighbor).  There is also a Sadie Bell and a Sadie Griffith, and sometimes she writes “Sade.”

She writes of several men named Charlie.  One is a Charlie Hill, of no special consequence.  There is a Charlie Sides or Charlie S.  She writes continually about Charlie or Charl or at one point, Charley, without a last name, who is plainly a close friend and possibly a candidate for a sweetheart, but she never seems to express particular affection for him.  I’m persuaded this may be Charlie Sides, whom she speaks of right away on January 1.  But, at one point she says of Charlie Dixon: “That Charlie is a cure.”  That’s the only time she mentions Charlie Dixon, but perhaps he, and not Charlie Sides, is the close friend who usually shows up without a last name.

A Mr McQuaid and a Johnny McQuaid appear a couple of times, and close by in time a Mr McQuade, so this is probably just one man.  Will Wehrle, sometimes just Will, is someone she longs to receive letters from, but he fails to make an actual appearance that I can recall.  She often receives letters from Dice (McNulty), but there is no explanation who this might be; in fact at one point it sounds as though it is a woman.

She writes of a Mr Mitchell, but at one point refers to a Mr Mitcher.  This is during the time that Dan Miller is also in her life, so I suspect that Mitcher meant Mitchell.

There is a Hettie (also called Het) Dixon, and there is her younger sister, Hettie (Het), always mentioned without a last name.  Both are short for Hester, which is her mother’s name as well.

Beccie or Beck is her older sister, Rebecca.  This is plain throughout the diary.  Sallie is her youngest sister, about eight years old in 1884.  And her older brother, Lynch, is married to a Sallie of his own.  It is usually plain from the context which Sallie she is writing about.

Kate says at one point that Charlie is going to farm at the Altmans in the summer, then at another point she laments that it has been a year since Harry Altman died — a pretty clear connection, although there is no more mention of the name, so we deduce what we can.

There is Ella (Ellie) Butler, and Ella Duncan.  There is one mention of Ell, which by the context refers to Ellie Butler.  There is one mention of an Ellsworth Griffith.  Then, throughout the diary, there is Ellsworth Gerhard or Gerhardt or Gerhart.  (She spelled it all three ways).

These are the names that can confuse a reader because they appear so frequently and interchangeably.

Then, of course, there is Dan Miller, and at one point she meets Dan’s brother, Ivan.

Many, many other names come up in the diary but either don’t risk being confused with others or are merely “extras” in the scenes.

Finally, I make no excuses for her use of the word “nigger(s)” several times.  It would not be historically accurate to omit those passages.  To her, Negroes were a phenomenon, and if any amends needed to be made, her son did just that.  As I was growing up in Lima, Ohio, my best friend from fifth grade until I left there at 16 was Mike Stewart, who lived around the corner from us.  It so happened that for seven years we lived on West High Street, two doors over from the house where my mother grew up.  Mike lived on Cole Street with his father and his grandfather.  I don’t know what year it was, late 1920s or early 1930s, but the poling place for that voting precinct was at 1149 West High Street, home of Richard Miller, Kate’s son, and Grandpa Stewart was the first Negro to cast a vote in Lima, which he did at that poling place.  Kate may have been present — the photo of her with Richard and my mother is taken in front of that house.

Some Genealogy
David A. Woodbury
born 24 October 1950 in Sarasota, Florida

My mother:
Dorothy Mae (Miller) Woodbury, Kate’s granddaughter
born 26 July 1925 in Lima, Ohio

Dorothy’s father:
Richard Ivan Miller, Kate’s son
born 1885 in Roanoke Virginia, died 1943

Richard’s mother:
Kate J. (Gardner) Miller
born 1864, died 1935

Kate’s husband:
Daniel Richard Miller
born 1863, died 1916

A search at familysearch.org turns up Kate Gardner, born “about” 1864 in Blair, Pennsylvania, with parents James Gardner and Hester (Cassell) Gardner.  In the 1880 census the family consisted of

James, 44, farmer
Hester, 39, his wife
Rebecca, 19, daughter
Kate, 16, daughter (born 27 January 1864)
Hester, 14, daughter
Sallie, 4, daughter (born 1 April 1876)

At one point, Kate’s diary speaks of having “the baby” baptised at Easter, Marian Beulah, but whose baby?  She also writes about her brother Lynch, who is listed separately in the 1880 census as a blacksmith, age 19.  In her narrative about visiting Lynch in Roanoke, she speaks of writing to Sallie back home in Black Lick, presumably her then-8-year-old sister, and of Sallie who is with her in Roanoke, (evidently Lynch’s wife, who also is apparently pregnant with the “heir.”)  She often mentions Beccie and Hettie, who are evidently her older sister Rebecca and her younger sister Hester.

As a footnote: While Kate met Dan Miller in late May and would have her diary (and its readers a century later) believe on August 6 that “neither Dan nor Charlie must ever know” of her love for Dan, and there is no hint by the end of the diary on August 19 that anything more had transpired to change that delusion, nevertheless, their first child, Richard Ivan, my grandfather, was born March 14, 1885.  You do the math.  I’m still trying to find the date of their wedding, and yet that matters but little.  His birth date implies that he was conceived within a month of when Kate first met Dan, which would place it around mid-June, two months before she declares her love for him in her diary.  Either young Richard was extravagantly premature for the 1880s, or my mother’s genealogy has his birth date seriously incorrect.  I am inclined to trust that the date is accurate, and that, sometime within days of Kate’s declaration, “it” happened, and that, yes, he was a bit premature.  It surprises me a little that the date wasn’t later falsified, which would have been pretty easy in those days.

And yet, what’s to be surprised about?  My own parents were married in April 1950 and I was born in late October the same year, to which anomaly my mother often added that I was three weeks overdue as well.  It’s just that, as I and my five younger siblings were growing up, my parents never made any fuss over their anniversary and especially never spoke of the year.

Kate, as it probably turns out, was as normal as a 20-year-old is today.

So, here it is, the book, and with it, here she is: Kate Gardner in 1884.