O that my words might be inscribed —
O that they might be engraved —
cut with an iron tool in a hard rock
and filled forever with lead!
But in my heart I know that my vindicator lives
and that he will rise last to speak in court.
And I shall discern my witness standing at my side
and see my defending counsel, even God himself,
whom I shall see with my own eyes,
I myself and no other.  -Job-

Translator’s Foreword
PreludeKolyek, Etil

A.D. 841-853

OneLatchek and Drukov, Perenemansk and Pinea

A.D. 861

TwoYomo and Turgey, Pinea
ThreeSadruk and the Lady, Pinea
Fourthe Lady and the Butcher, Pinea
FiveGonashi and Turgey, Pinea
SixLaïsha and Davnoy, Kiev and Pinea
Seventhe Sufferers and the Three Horsemen, Pinea
EightRaznoy, Bugra-dezhu, and the Wolves, Pinea
NineSadruk-the-Physician and Kolyek-the-Physician, Pinea and Greece
TenEuthymios and Simonos, (the Parabolani), Pinea
ElevenMarhya and Abru, Kiev and Pinea
Twelvethe Dregovichian Hunter and the Pig, Perenemansk and Pinea
ThirteenLaïsha and Kolyek, Pinea
Fourteen — the Dead: Sadruk and Davnoy, the Resurrected: Yeshua, Pinea
Fifteen — Gonashi, the Horse, and Drukov, Pinea
Sixteen — Vlatislav and Askold, Pinea
Seventeen — Kolyek and the Magyars, Pinea, the Swamp, the Steppe, and Drizha
Eighteen — Russack and Abru, Pinea
Nineteen — Nagalyeva and Gian-Pietro, Pinea and Drizha
Twenty — Konstantin and Mefhodi, the Steppe
Twenty-one — Foredya and the other Magyar, Atelkuzu (the Steppe) and the Dnepr
Twenty-two — Abru and the Camp Guards, Atelkuzu and the Dnepr
Twenty-three — Euthymios, Gian-Pietro, Abru, Combriedo de Palma, the Dnepr and Granitsu
Twenty-four — Combriedo and the Missionaries, Granitsu
Twenty-five — the Missionaries, Granitsu
Twenty-six — Laïsha and the Seamen, Granitsu
Twenty-seven — Euthymios and Simonos, the Dnepr
Twenty-eight — Laïsha-the-Khazar, Turgey, and the Khazars, the Steppe
Twenty-nine — No-eyes and Maggot-ears, Khazar Encampment
Thirty — Grom and Kolyek, Khazar Encampment
Thirty-one — Kolyek, Laïsha, and Little Marhya, Khazar Encampment
Thirty-two — the Jackal and Kolyek, Khazar Encampment
Thirty-three — Kolyek and Laïsha, the Steppe
Thirty-four — the Magyars and Abru, the Don Steppe
Thirty-five — Abru, Aaron ben Nisi, Daryetta, Natti, and Marhya, the Don Steppe
Thirty-six — Voronyonok and Pyoss, Russak and Cleo, the Don Steppe
Thirty-seven — Laïsha and Vennamar, Khazaria

A.D. 862, 863

Thirty-eight — Nisi ben Menasseh and Atye, Etil
Thirty-nine — Darus and Yomo, Etil
Historical Perspective
People and Places in Fire, Wind & Yesterday

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