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I would probably be prudent to keep my thoughts to myself, but sometimes they leak through my fingertips to become published words. I know the same feeling when I sit at a piano and music leaks through my fingertips as well...

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Mary Mary
Some family history of two cousins named Mary and a few other close to them

My 50 Favorite Books
actually many more than fifty, but that's what it set out to be

The Present Crisis
a sequel to “Re-thinking the 2nd Amendment”

Re-thinking the 2nd Amendment
after the Newtown, Connecticut school rampage

Chariots and Global Warming
the fly wants the credit

*The Asterisk
I identify myself as a wildlife biologist and naturalist. What gives me the right to make that claim?

some reflections on fame and influence

As a father of two daughters, I find my love for them almost inexpressible.

The Evil That Is Upon Us
WWJD about global terrorism?

The Fall of Great Northern Paper Company
an insider's observations on what caused the demise of this manufacturing giant of the north woods

Home to Roost in Augusta
a critical look at the assumptions made by "law-makers", who ought to be dismantling, rather than expanding, intrusive expensive ineffective government

The House of Joshua
A book by Mindy Thompson Fullilove gives rise to recollections of growing up between black and white.

Ignorance of the Law
A federal judge ruled in 1978 not only that ignorance of the law is an excuse but is grounds for acquittal, at least if the defendant is a veteran Congressman.

Johnny Monroe's Junkyard
a paradise for hunters of car parts, now a mere memory in photos

Lightning - What Is It?
occasioned by the death of a local child struck by a most freakish bolt of reverse lightning

Lincoln, Maine
a safe, scenic, peaceful, historic Maine community

Make Lawyers Irrelevant
Sooner or later we have to wean ourselves from the assumption that only lawyers can interpret the law.

It is entirely possible, in my view, that a complete, whole, sacred marriage exists in a couple that, so far as the public knows is shacking up or living in “sin.”

Massacre at Virginia Tech
Yes, it's a wake-up call. But for what?

The Microsoft Solution
Oh, well. It's over now. But here's what I would have like to see come out of the Microsoft anti-trust trial.

Why are all those arrogant out-of-state do-gooders trying to save Maine from its residents? They have a mess to clean up in their own back yards.

On Being a Foster Parent
There are plenty of ways to make a difference in the world. Here's one that doesn't give you a lot of positive feedback, so it takes a lot of faith in what you're doing.

E. B. White wanted to resurrect the word "piffle."

a really big subject

what everyone needs to know

Something Absurd
Does anyone listen to how stupid they sound much of the time?

The Sublime
There are a few moments, hours, and days in your life when, if you are observant, you may just be in the presence of the best there's ever been.

TV News
How hard it is to get news from television!

Two Maines to Part Ways!
What would happen if we took Gov. King's 2002 pronouncements seriously?

Upon the Execution of Terri Schiavo
LONG VERSION - A woman is sentenced by a judge to die by starvation and America is indifferent. Who'll be next?
SHORT VERSION - mostly just the light-hearted side of the long version

Why I Vote
a letter to my daughters

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