compiled and edited by
David A. Woodbury
copyright 1999-2000 by

MARY SULLIVAN ESSEFF - Khalil knows the phrase, Love one another, but to a nine-year-old it’s only a saying.  He learns something of its true meaning when he sees it expressed by his saintly father.

DOUGLAS C. SMYTH - A traveling peddler loses his professional detachment when he realizes the extent of the goat lady’s vulnerability.  He doesn’t have time for this, you know.

GABRIEL STEVENS - Sometimes you think you’re as low as you can go, and then things really go wrong.

TERRY BURNS - And what were you going to do with that gun?  How can a simple knock at the door so radically change your options?

MICHAEL OSTLUND - After more than four years of combat Major O’Malley understood the hazards but still relished the fight.  His team was the best, and he owed it to his son.

MICHELLE BUCKMAN - What was more symbolic of Allysia’s union with Chris than her wedding band?  Could losing that symbol herald some crushing tragedy?

JIM WILEY - A boy of twelve has the chance to prove to the old woman that he is not a hooligan.  The old woman has the chance to prove she is not... not what?  Not an old woman?

LEE SMITH - The strange things people did to regain God’s favor after those suitcase atom bombs started going off all over the crazy place -- on average three a week in the U.S. alone!  And what worse place to go report on such antics than the site of what had once been Hanoi!

CINDY APPEL - Calinda is just a lone transport pilot shipwrecked on an uninhabited chunk of cosmic debris.  Who is it, then, that provides for her in such familiar ways?

B. J. LAWRY - On a very long road trip, don’t you inevitably encounter the same nuisance vehicle again and again?  Sometimes you’re ready to report it to the authorities, too.

JO ANN YOLANDA HERNÁNDEZ - Can an ill-gotten gift say what’s in your heart?  If it’s from the heart, is it truly ill-gotten?

SUSAN SHELL WINSTON - The memories don’t go with the house, do they?  Can’t leave them behind.  The buyer won’t know what to do with them.

PAT BROWN - Fabled person of the sky, meet fabled inhabitant of the planet that might have been earth.  Courtesy is due, but beware of what you don’t understand.

DAVID A. WOODBURY - He loved that face, but couldn't know then what secret its simple beauty concealed.

DON WINDLE - The stuff that makes for blood-racing fiction also happens in lived-to-tell-about-it real life.  There’s a big difference between imagined and remembered.

DEB HARTRUM - Is there anything more poignant than letting go -- really letting go?

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"This anthology title, Three Naked Ladies Playing Cellos, tells you to get ready for some unexpected creativity and revelations. There are no cello players among its 16 contributors but all are great writers. Some pieces expressed the spiritual depth of a Beethoven sonata; others, the psychological subtlety of a Chopin polonaise."
-Louis M. Savary, Musician, Mathematician and Co-author of "Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence."

"This anthology contains sparkling samples of a splendid smattering of short stories produced in pursuit of quality storytelling."
- Clare Crawford-Mason, Television Documentary Producer and Co-author of "Quality... or Else!"

"Seldom have I enjoyed such stirring stories as produced by the writers of the gems in this anthology."
-Suzanne Berne, Author of "A Crime in the Neighborhood," Winner of the coveted British Orange Prize

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