The owner of DamnYankee.com is looking for the following items to buy, but only if the price is just above what you would accept for not taking it to the dump instead... Call 207.794.0268 evenings or weekends or e-mail damnyankee.com@gmail.com for quick contact.


Wanted: Aladdin lamp parts, used, any condition, fonts (bases), burners, galleries, flame spreaders, wicks, mantles, chimneys, shades, shade rings. We are not currently seeking other brands of oil lamps, but you can check with us anyway. Aladdin lamps have been around for a hundred years and are still being made, so you may have something older or newer. We are not interested in the antique value but, rather, in their usefulness.Aladdin brand lamps come in a variety of configurations, from a plain aluminum font (base that holds the oil) with no pedestal, to a fancy glass base in any of several colors and shapes. We will pay modest prices for parts that we may clean and assemble into working lamps, either for personal use or for re-sale. See the photos below for examples of lamps and parts. (At present we do not have lamps or parts for sale, but feel free to ask now and then.)

Aladdin lincoln drape 3aladdin01Aladdin moonstone 3

If you have any of the above items in the Lincoln, Maine area please contact us and let’s talk. Thank you!