Highly subjective and negotiable, but most Guides will generally provide their time 24/7 (plus prep time before your arrival), use of their equipment, accommodations (camp or camping), and provisions ("meals" if you want to call it that) for about $250 per day for one person and $125 per day for each additional person in the same party.

Rates for half-day trips are proportionally less.

Day trips, which may involve considerably less equipment and provisioning, can be arranged for about $200 per day for up to three people, and as much as $50 more for the same one to three people when there is considerable cost for such necessities as fuel and gate fees (North Maine Woods).

Some excursions may call for additional equipment, additional guiding personnel, and other special considerations, which can add cost.

Guides are not licensed to carry passengers for hire except by boat, so we do not charge for ground transportation within the state of Maine, although most Guides readily do the driving to get you there.

For trips arranged through Eagle Lodge or the New England Outdoor Center, rates and rules are determined by that provider.

Damn Yankee LLC is responsible for the content of this site and all services offered. Some services are provided by arrangement with the New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket and with Eagle Lodge in Lincoln.