FAMILY NAMES: Woodbury - Miller - Hines - Sweet - Porter - Knowlton - Tufts… deVerney - Dershem - Sunderland - Gardner - Wagonner… more

I have a lot of family stuff I will continue adding under this heading.

First, I've included the newspaper account of the spectacular railroad crossing accident that killed my grandfather Everett Woodbury, when the Minute Man Express rammed his coal truck in 1945.

Next, I've presented my great grandmother Kate Gardner's 1884 diary.

Lately, I've been adding the final correspondence between my uncle Wesley Woodbury and my parents, leading up to his death in Korea in 1952. And as I contrive to turn other documents into digital records of family history, I'll add them here.

And I've added a link to my family genealogy, which is also a work in progress and for which I owe a debt to my cousin, Dan Kinney, for getting it started many years ago. It includes the Porters of Strong and New Vineyard, Maine, from which sprang, in addition to Dan and myself, "Fly Rod" Crosby and Lt. James E. Porter (killed in Custer's last stand).

This material is intended for anyone, family or strangers. It's great reading whether you knew them or not. If these are your relatives, it's all the more fascinating.

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