With a comfortable view of Katahdin and the terminus of the Appalachian trail, this is the site of a professional Maine Guide and inveterate naturalist who is also a compulsive writer and individual rights activist, a handicrafter, as well as a family historian and genealogist.

NOTICE: As of 2017, the content of this site is being transferred to https://woodburydavid.wordpress.com/ and is no longer being updated here. Feel free to explore this site anyway, but for current content, please visit the new site.
=David A. Woodbury=
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afternic.com. DamnYankee.us and DamnYankee.info are also available for purchase.
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Maine Guide service
Woodhenge on Etsy Maine Woods Creations
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Survey of eastern panther sightings in Maine
Proverbial Beer, our own brand

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